Feeding young minds: the importance of school meals

Harding Senior High, a public school in St. Paul, Minnesota, has long been known as … Read more

Health people on the move

• Ryan Abbott, PT, DPT, joins Rebound Physical Therapy at the eastside Bend location. Abbott … Read more

Health dispatches

• Helping Hands Home Care has opened a fifth location at 61396 S. U.S. Highway … Read more

Brisk walks may slow dementia

Exercise may bolster the brain function and thinking skills of people with dementia, according to … Read more

Legislature OKs tax on health providers

Health bill goes to governor

SALEM — Three Senate Republicans joined Democrats to approve a $673 million health provider tax … Read more

Insurers’ deadline arrives with marketplace still in flux

As health insurers scrambled to decide whether to stay or go by Wednesday’s deadline to … Read more

The struggle to socialize for families with autism

Experts urge businesses, parents to be welcoming

Pausing mid-sentence, James Carner abruptly jerked his head to the side to get a better … Read more

Why should boys get the HPV vaccine?

Q: If the HPV vaccine prevents cervical cancer, why should boys get it? The HPV … Read more

Smaller breast cancer tumors may be slow growing, less risky

A new analysis suggests that many smaller breast cancer tumors may be slower growing and … Read more

ALS diagnosis remains dire despite a new drug

A neighbor of mine was recently told he has a devastating neurological disorder that is … Read more

Health people on the move

• Alex Grimsley, DPT, has joined Peak Performance Physical Therapy in Redmond. He attended George … Read more

Sometimes it’s hard to tell how much sugar is really in a glass of wine

Q: Some wineries add sugar to dry red wines after fermentation so that they taste … Read more

Patients are more willing to discuss sexuality than doctors think

Do doctors need to know their patients’ sexual orientation and gender identity? A growing number … Read more

Surprise medical bill ban heads to Gov. Brown

Measure would take effect March 2018

Oregon lawmakers gave their final approval Tuesday to a bill that prohibits surprise medical bills … Read more

Health officials vow to develop drugs to curb the opioid epidemic

Top federal health officials said last week that they will launch a joint effort with … Read more

Exercises, mental tips can help incontinence

Brain over bladder

Ever pull your car up to your house, suddenly get the urge to pee, start … Read more

Running: A head-to-toe solution for easing stress

I’ve had a rough few months. I lost my beloved dad in January, which left … Read more

How much weight gain is normal during pregnancy?

Q: How much weight gain is normal and healthy during pregnancy? The Institute of Medicine … Read more

Study finds more lead in baby teeth of kids with autism

Baby teeth from children with autism contain more lead and less zinc and manganese, providing … Read more

Obesity rising in nations rich and poor, especially in kids

NEW YORK — The global obesity problem now affects 1 in 10 people in the … Read more

Bullies use powerful weapon to torment allergic kids: peanuts

They thought it would be funny: During lunch, the boys threw peanuts at a fellow … Read more

Gene-targeted therapy gives cancer patients hope

The oncologist was blunt: Stefanie Joho’s colon cancer was raging out of control and there … Read more

Car accidents remain a top cause for children deaths

The most common cause of death in children younger than 15 is unintentional injury, and … Read more

Hospitals doubling antivenom for eclipse

All Central Oregon hospitals will have snakebite treatment on hand

Local hospitals are stockpiling extra antivenom used to treat rattlesnake bites ahead of the August … Read more

State birth control program thought it used ‘dummy’ SSN

But the Social Security number belonged to a real person

The Oregon Health Authority used what it believed to be an unassigned Social Security number … Read more

Opioid crisis: Pain patients pushed to the brink

Overdose prevention efforts have had unintended — and dire — consequences

The nation’s struggle to corral the runaway opioid overdose epidemic with new restrictions on pain … Read more

Overdose antidote easier to get

Some pharmacists still hesitant to prescribe

Dennis Clark was lucky enough to be there for two of his son Sam’s drug … Read more

When is a cough a serious concern?

Q: How do I know when a cough is just a cough, or when it’s … Read more

Cannabis extract shows benefit for seizures

Children with a severe form of epilepsy had fewer seizures after taking a daily oral … Read more

Like hunger or thirst, loneliness in seniors can be eased

It’s widely believed that older age is darkened by persistent loneliness. But a considerable body … Read more

Losing weight can help prevent diabetes

And you do not have to lose a lot, doctors say

Q: How can a blood test determine if I have prediabetes? How much weight do … Read more

Daughters carry burden of caring for elderly, ailing parents

As Washington debates the relative merits of health care legislation, many families have already come … Read more

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