Scientists seek super-shot for flu 100 years after pandemic

WASHINGTON — A century after one of history’s most catastrophic disease outbreaks, scientists are rethinking … Read more

Study: weight gain changes your whole body

A new Stanford study has found that the entire body undergoes changes for the worse … Read more

No evidence antioxidants alleviate muscle soreness

Many people take antioxidants before or after exercise in the belief that this prevents muscle … Read more

Does magnesium help you sleep?

Studies have found a link between low levels of magnesium, an essential mineral that plays … Read more

Learning to treat patients with food

The click-clack of knives chopping on cutting boards and the savory smell of sauteed onions … Read more

New $4,000 treadmill may illustrate the future of gadgets

For Peloton, it’s all about the video service and experience, not the machine

The home fitness startup Peloton might sound faddish, like another in the parade of bougie … Read more

Breast cancer caused by genetic mutation gets first treatment

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved the first treatment for advanced breast … Read more

Restricting food may not be the answer

As a new year begins, I hear many of the typical restrictive resolutions: I will … Read more

New cancer treatments have perplexing side effects

When Diane Legg began seeing black specks in her right eye, she went to an … Read more

Understanding and treating long QT syndrome

Q: I recently read that long QT syndrome is quite common. What is it, and … Read more

For families of addicts, Narcan has truly been a lifesaving drug

Beth Schmidt always begins her opioid-awareness sessions by introducing her boy. At one such event, … Read more

New glaucoma drug has an edge in convenience

A 12-year-old Duke University spinoff founded by two Duke professors has received regulatory approval for … Read more

Cheap tuberculosis testing may soon be possible

Diagnosing a lung disease like tuberculosis with a urine test may seem illogical, but a … Read more

Man, 88 going on 18, reflects on aging

That I have lived as many years in the new millennium, 18, as I did … Read more

Why is it hard to predict the correct flu vaccine?

Q Why is it hard to predict which flu vaccine will be most effective each … Read more

Obesity’s ties to diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is almost twice as common in African-Americans as it is in whites. … Read more

Study: Eating fish helps kids gain brain power, sleep

A University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing study found that children who ate fish regularly … Read more

Bend Memorial Clinic gets new partnership, new name

Clinic partners with New-Jersey based management company

Bend Memorial Clinic is being renamed Summit Medical Group Oregon-Bend Memorial Clinic, as part of … Read more

Flu cases, and related deaths, rise in California

LOS ANGELES — So many people have fallen sick with influenza in California that pharmacies … Read more

Geography plays a large role in organ donation

Despite changes to the system, some say it’s still not fair

NEW YORK — With Manhattan skyscrapers as a backdrop, Roscoe and Sharon Fawcett celebrated their … Read more

Cancer survivors at risk for other forms of the disease

Researchers: Patients need more than routine follow-up care

Cancer can, and sometimes does, strike twice. It famously happened to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg … Read more

Model educates women after toxic shock syndrome, amputation

Lauren Wasser woke up in a hospital bed 80 pounds heavier than she was supposed … Read more

How to fix the American diet — from the man who coined the term ‘junk food’

Michael Jacobson on diet, ‘Big Food‘

The nutrition crusader credited with popularizing the phrase “junk food” looks exactly as one would … Read more

’Gaming Disorder’ recognized as a mental-health condition

Americans had “Pac-Man Fever” as far back as 1981 but it has taken until now … Read more

Addiction experts give their thoughts on the opioid crisis

Donald S. Burke has little trouble finding a parallel with the opioid epidemic’s surging death … Read more

How does the shape of a head affect the brain?

Q: Did cranial deformation as practiced by the ancient Mayans change or impair brain function? … Read more

Preserving sight with hot tea

Having hot tea every day may reduce your risk for blindness. Researchers have found that … Read more

Wearable tech begins to help monitor chronic diseases

Apple decision prompts device makers to develop more medical monitoring

SAN FRANCISCO — In the last months of Steve Jobs’ life, the Apple co-founder fought … Read more

How big tech is getting involved in your health care

When Daniel Poston, a second-year medical student in New York, opened the App Store on … Read more

Kansas parents welcome 4 healthy babies, against all odds

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Kaitlin Hartman was told as a teenager that her chances of … Read more

Record-breaking plays bringing life-changing consequences

Ex-NFL player Larry Johnson grapples with violent urges and memory loss, which he thinks are caused by CTE

MIAMI — He inches forward, with jets overhead and the ground 50 stories below. Larry … Read more

What’s worse: bingeing on ice cream or eating it slowly?

Q: Is there a cardiovascular difference between eating a pint of ice cream in one … Read more

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