Study: Oregon docs not catching lead poisoning

Are vegan diets safe for children?

Unearthing 7,000 Mississippi asylum coffins may be revealing

Digital activity lightens teen moods in short run

Study StatuS

Study questions use of steroids for knee pain

Tips for a stressful situation

Strategies to navigate the emergency room

A counterintuitive Approach

A new take on salt

Mental Health

Unmoored by a psychotic break

Health people on the move


Audit: Oregon properly screens for Medicaid

Central Oregon clinic to study Medicare provider access

The debate over medications, opioid addiction and relapse

Treatment offers controversial help for alcoholics

Nurses file staffing complaint against St. Charles

Why chew an aspirin during a heart attack?

Study StatuS

A-fib patients missing out on stroke prevention

Baby boomers join ‘aging-at-home villages’


More teens and children being hospitalized for suicidal thoughts


Nurse licensing laws block treatment for opioid addiction

Thousands on Medicaid in Oregon may be ineligible

Insurers seek double-digit hikes in ‘18

Oregon could go its own way on revised federal health law

Bend schools welcome eased nutrition rules

3-D printer helps students give children in need a hand

Study StatuS

Sleeping pills raise hip fracture risk in elderly

Why causes marathon runners to “hit a wall”?


Virginia girl uses prosthetic bow arm creation to play violin

Just Keep Swimming

Swimming pools, more than just water and chlorine

Mind-numbing Numbers

Fending off math anxiety

Prenatal pertussis prevention

Why pregnant women need the Tdap vaccine

Oregon Supreme Court expands malpractice definition

Two added to St. Charles lawsuit

In the dark about lupus

Is pain all in your head?

St. Charles nears settlement in $9.5 million class-action case


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