St. Charles La Pine clinic opening delayed

BMC open to purchase, merger offers

Short-term enrollment tripled since insurance mandate

Legislation takes aim at surprise bills

Is almond milk really milk?

Flights bring young patients and medical specialists together

Women say pot helped them during pregnancy


In the dementia unit, Cupid’s at the table

In bend

Wyden pledges to defend Medicaid expansion

Why do testosterone therapy benefits remain elusive?


Brown: Extend Medicaid to more than 17,000 kids

The Other Diabetes

Weighing risks and rewards of statins

Arthritis exam: Do you know the gist of joint pain?

Healthy sushi at home or dining out

Psychologist returns to her roots

Feature | Get Ready

Preparing for Pole Pedal Paddle, pro tips

Feature | Healthy Eating

Store-bought or homemade baby food: Which is better?

Bill In Salem

Pain pill scripts could be limited to just a week

Genetic biomarkers help docs choose medications

Few people screened for lung cancer

No charitable gains from ACA expansion

state legislature

355,000 Oregonians could lose health coverage

Health people on the move

Presidential politics splits art therapists

What can women do about their hair thinning?

Bariatric surgery versus dieting

Emergency care for an in-home heart attack

Central Oregon Health Council seeks board members

Study questions evidence for vaccinating health care workers

Hospital tests UV light to clean rooms

Four mistakes people make when they go gluten-free

Deadly tuberculosis strain is spread directly

Travelers with nut allergies clash with airlines

Health People on the Move


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