Measure would protect birth control coverage

Bend rally urges Walden to save Obamacare

Winter storm put strain on medical care


Feds OK Oregon’s Medicaid plan, but no money attached

Meals On Wheels wants to be the ‘eyes and ears’ for hospitals, doctors

Platelet donation begins in Bend

Keeping lonely seniors company can help with their health

Study suggests breast cancer treatments sometimes unnecessary

Health dispatches

Find the right fitness app to keep you moving

Drones could soon get medical supplies to patients in need

With more women pregnant later in life, here’s some facts

Heroin resurgence ‘unintended consequence’ of attempt to curb OxyContin abuse, study finds

Rare condition creating unequal blood flow in multiple pregnancy prompts risky procedure

Can in-school meditation curb violence?

Providers disagree over test used for food intolerance

National survey on marijuana legalization

Survey says: Mixed impact of legal pot on teens

Medicine’s secret: Some drugs won’t help most of those who take them

Eternal debate: the shelf life of the kitchen sponge

Health law

Getting serious on ACA repeal

British boy marvels at Kansas City’s kindness as he battles bone cancer

Study: post-C-section vaginal deliveries safer in hospitals

What kills us in Central Oregon


I admit: I went too far policing my kids’ diets

Advice on fighting viral upper respiratory illness

Babies die waiting for liver transplants; this one was matched in 40 minutes

New treatment

Cells dripped into brain help fight a deadly cancer


26 and with skin cancer: Why it didn’t have to happen

Brewing political fight over health care

Trump meets with influential health care executives

What we get for our health care trillions

investigation into patient’s death

St. Charles dropped med check system before patient’s death

Red wagons give joyful jaunt to juvenile hospital patients

Hospital bills going unpaid as insurance covers less


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