Health people on the move

• Matt Hayes, PT, CHT, has joined Rebound Physical Therapy in Bend. He will practice … Read more

Research offers hints that changing your lifestyle might guard against dementia

WASHINGTON — Seek a good education. Control blood pressure and diabetes. Get off the couch. … Read more

Shortage of insect venom worries allergy sufferers

As summer continues, signaling peak time for insect stings, allergists across the U.S. are warning … Read more

The patient wants to leave. The hospital says ‘no way’

Why would an older person essentially discharge himself from a hospital, defying a physician’s recommendation … Read more

Are there long-term risks to egg donors?

When patients consider a medical procedure, they may be told “there are no known long-term … Read more

Study: Chocolate may reduce risk of irregular heartbeat

Medical researchers have identified a compound that may reduce your risk of a dangerous type … Read more

Rural hospitals face uncertainty from D.C.

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kathy Holbrook was at home one night last year when she started … Read more

Why more states are getting serious about sunscreen

WASHINGTON — State Rep. Craig Hall of Utah has four redheaded school-age children, lives in … Read more

For exercise, nothing like the great outdoors

Long walks can improve moods and reduce anxiety, but the benefits may be greatest if … Read more

Is alcohol good for you?

An industry-backed study seeks answers

It may be the most palatable advice you will ever get from a doctor: Have … Read more

Study finds no benefit from compression tights for runners

Compression tights or socks do not appear to help runners go faster or farther, according … Read more

How to treat a sunburn

Q: What’s the best way to treat a sunburn? According to the American Academy of … Read more

Health dispatches

• Action Dynamix Massage LLC, a clinical massage therapy business, will relocate to 500 SW … Read more

Study: Overstimulation makes eye contact hard for people with autism

PHILADELPHIA — Avoiding direct eye contact with others is one of the most common characteristics … Read more

Despite lack of evidence, treatment grows in popularity

The Villages Regional Hospital did not sweat its decision to add hyperbaric oxygen therapy in … Read more

What can you blame for your stomach bug?

It happens like a bolt out of the blue. One minute you’re fine, and the … Read more

Pregnant or trying? Don’t let Zika guard down

WASHINGTON — The Zika virus may not seem as big a threat as last summer, … Read more

Herd mentality: Goat yoga is gaining popularity

Goofy goat yoga gains rapid popularity

BALTIMORE — A cool breeze rippled through the grass as baby pygmy goats roamed inside … Read more

Oregon nurse practitioners can now perform vasectomies

Unclear what training will be required

Vasectomies are generally safe, but complications happen in an estimated 1 to 2 percent of … Read more

Yoga helps with low back pain

Yoga may be just as effective as physical therapy in helping people with chronic back … Read more

What’s the difference between MDs and DOs?

Q: What’s the difference between a doctor who is an M.D. and one who is … Read more

Sign language let my deaf son bloom

I watched my toddler wade into the Gulf and launch a fistful of pebbles in … Read more

Put your baby in a box? Experts advise caution

Doctors press safety concerns; experts say no requirements established for boxes

Are babies better off if they sleep in a cardboard box? For decades, the government … Read more

Can air-conditioners cause sinus congestion?

Q: Do air-conditioners cause sinus congestion? A: Yes, air-conditioners can make some people’s noses clog … Read more

Survey: Nearly half of teens have had sex by age 19

More than 42 percent of never-married adolescents ages 15-19 say they have had sex at … Read more

Boost your workout with caffeine

Caffeine improves athletic performance. This is a truth almost universally acknowledged in exercise science. But … Read more

St. Charles scales back expansion plans

The St. Charles Health System Board of Directors approved a modified plan for a new … Read more

Teenagers are as sedentary as 60-year-olds by age 19

The adolescent years are when people’s bodies are supposed to start the ascent to their … Read more

Bend Fire tries physical therapy to reduce injuries

Department seeing fewer sprains, strains

Rushing a saw between buildings at the scene of last week’s massive fire in southeast … Read more

Oregon releases preliminary health insurance rates

Premium hikes are more modest than insurance companies wanted

Central Oregonians who buy health insurance on the individual marketplace will pay more next year … Read more

Antibiotics can be harmful

One out of 5 patients who received antibiotics while in the hospital experienced an adverse … Read more

Does brain training prevent dementia?

Q: Do brain training programs help to prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s? As the U.S. population … Read more

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