Medicaid unlikely to cover back pain shots

Why do my shoelaces untie when I run?

Diet soda linked to higher risk of stroke, dementia

Study StatuS

Facebook makes you feel worse about yourself

Medical Breakthrough

Robotic system gives surgeons ‘GPS’ for the brain

Women’s Wellness

Women’s wellness: Do I still need birth control?

Technology Terrors

Your cellphone is stressing you out


A gym where Comic-Con is the reigning spirit

Health people on the move

Bend ER doc returns from trauma work in Iraq

Heart attack deaths are higher during large marathons

Bend docs discuss climate’s health impact

Will I be awake during conscious sedation?

Mental fitness

Get happy: four well-being workouts

Health people on the move

Neonatal nutrition

Do omega-3 supplements make babies smarter?

The new niche: gluten-free dining halls

Experimental Surgery

Brain stimulation may reduce Tourette’s syndrome

Study: More Oregonians die at home

Q: Do I really need a colonoscopy?

Task-specific Dystonia

Marathon man takes disorder in stride


Doctors remove 8-year-old girl’s tennis-ball sized tumor

Overdose Intervention Drug

Colleges can get free doses of naloxone

Calm Down

Home remedies: stress and anxiety

Study StatuS

How to eat pizza without eating too many calories

Bend veterans face state’s longest wait times

Oregon Legislature

House OKs bill to prohibit surprise medical bills

Bend pro skater, snowboarder succeeds

Brushing: You’re doing it wrong

Oregon DHS

Lawsuit: Oregon home care cuts violate disabilities act

Would you raise a glass to a good workout?

Do you recall early childhood memories, or not

Connecticut woman is growing a second skeleton

Q: Is my sunscreen still good?

Do distractions increase a runner’s risk of injury?


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