Do antidepressants work?

A comprehensive study shows they have mostly modest effects

More people in the United States are on antidepressants, as a percentage of the population, … Read more

Elder abuse can be self-inflicted

Self-neglect accounts for more calls to officials nationwide than any other form of elder abuse

The man was living alone with his two dogs, in a remote area outside San … Read more

Daughter now cares for the mom who nearly destroyed her

I am scratching my mother’s head. Her hair is quite thin now, and I no … Read more

Doctors find air pocket where part of man’s brain should be

The 84-year-old man arrived in the emergency room with complaints that weren’t uncommon for a … Read more

Your run could benefit from 4 extra legs

Like a lot of runners, when Ducky Waite doesn’t get his regular run, he gets … Read more

Can being cold give you a cold?

Q: Can you get sick just from being cold, like sitting in an overly air-conditioned … Read more

For heart disease patients, think exercise, not weight loss

For people with coronary heart disease, losing weight will not prolong life, a new study … Read more

Surgery centers eye recovery rooms to keep patients longer

Bill passed in Oregon would create extended care centers

Two Bend surgery centers are interested in adding extended stay centers that would allow them … Read more

Cholesterol drug lowers risk of death

ORLANDO, Fla. — A newer cholesterol drug, used with older statin medicines, modestly lowered heart … Read more

Stroke patients limit recovery by waiting too long

New treatments can help patients maintain their independence

Three years ago, Lawnae Hunter couldn’t refuse when her 10-year-old granddaughter asked to go down … Read more

Accepting extra pounds comes at a price

Look around you and chances are you’ll see that more than two adults in three … Read more

‘Catastrophic’: ACA plan premiums could jump 90 percent in 3 years

Insurance premiums for Affordable Care Act health plans are likely to jump by 35 to … Read more

Study: Over half of U.S. gun owners store guns without locks

More than half of U.S. gun owners store at least one firearm without any locks … Read more

Breast implants can cause problems in the long term

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — After Amy Novitzke underwent breast-implant surgery in 2002, she says, … Read more

Parents can prepare for back-to-school vaccinations now

Robert Jacobson, M.D., Mayo Clinic Children’s Center pediatrician and vaccine specialist, advises parents to ensure … Read more

Montana scientists to study wildfire smoke exposure

Jean Loesch and her family live in Seeley Lake, Montana, which saw the longest and … Read more

Opioids may be tied to risk of fatal infections

Animal studies have shown that opioids suppress the immune system, but their clinical effect in … Read more

Do I get enough vitamin D in the winter?

Q: Can I get enough vitamin D from sunlight, even if I live in a place … Read more

Study: For chronic pain, opioids were no better than Tylenol

For years, doctors turned to opioid painkillers as a first-line treatment for chronic back pain … Read more

Patients pushed for cancer treatment — and it worked

The success, which surprised doctors, has led to new testing for immunotherapy

No one expected the four young women to live much longer. They had an extremely … Read more

Teenagers have options for more effective contraceptives

Although teenage pregnancies and birthrates in the United States have been declining steadily since 1990, … Read more

Two gadgets good for your heart that don’t tax your brain

Every once in a while, I review products in what I call the “guilt” category. … Read more

Drugmakers to settle testosterone-replacement drug suits

Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. and GlaxoSmithKline LLC agreed to settle lawsuits accusing the drugmakers of hiding … Read more

Diabetes in low-income communities illuminated by poems

Type 2 diabetes was once known as adult-onset diabetes. Now that term is outdated: Increasingly … Read more

My temperature is 98.6, but I feel feverish?

Q: When well, my oral temperature is almost always about a degree lower than 98.6. … Read more

Working nights may raise diabetes risk

Night-shift work is linked to an increased risk for Type 2 diabetes, a new study … Read more

New study debunks obesity paradox

For several years, researchers have struggled to explain the obesity paradox. This is the observation … Read more

These ERs tried to curtail opioids — and did better than expected

DENVER — One of the most common reasons patients head to an emergency room is … Read more

Researchers explore how activities affect brain development in kids

BALTIMORE — Parents wondering how video games, athletic pursuits or sleeping habits may affect their … Read more

Central Oregon flu season waning, but still strong

Positive lab tests, ER visits down from January peak

The flu season appears to have peaked in Central Oregon, although activity remains higher than … Read more

Panel says it’s OK to use nasal spray vaccine

NEW YORK — A federal panel says it’s OK for doctors to start using a … Read more

Is your physician burned out?

Stress of practice takes its toll on doctors and patients

Mike Henderson had always wanted to be a doctor. He wanted to help people. Drawn … Read more

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