Take steps to reduce injury risk in youth sports

Few parents enroll their children in organized sports with the expectation that they will get … Read more

NIH halts controversial study of moderate drinking

The National Institutes of Health has ordered a halt to a $100 million, 10-year study … Read more

Apps can help those with eating disorders navigate supermarket aisles

Individuals with anorexia, binge eating disorder and bulimia often feel anxious and overwhelmed when surrounded … Read more

Pushing the boundaries of human reproduction

Fertility doctor with little regulation pioneers new techniques

This is John Zhang, the Chinese-­born, British-educated founder and medical director of a Manhattan fertility … Read more

Should I avoid fever-reducing drugs?

Q: If fever is the body’s way of fighting infection, should I avoid anti-fever medicines … Read more

Do breast-fed children have higher IQs early in life?

Some observational studies have suggested that children who are exclusively breastfed have higher IQs through … Read more

Cuts threaten subsidies for rural health broadband

Lack of high-speed Internet has real impact on patient care

Broadband internet access comes to Lake District Hospital along a single line, a fiber-optic cable … Read more

Noise exposure takes the stage as a health concern

Researchers are finding that current decibel restrictions don’t protect hearing enough

NEW YORK — One of the quietest places in this noisy city is in the … Read more

Fatal falls are on the rise for senior citizens

Fatal falls are on the rise in the United States, according to a new report … Read more

Lack of caretakers forces youth with disabilities into nursing homes

Every so often, Korrie Johnson closes her eyes and tries to forget that she is … Read more

Doctor finds that meaningful moments can be the best medicine

At the age of 28, my patient was already a war-weary veteran of leukemia. When … Read more

Are there downsides to stevia as a sugar substitute?

Q: Are there any downsides to the sweetener stevia? Is it associated with negative effects … Read more

Nuts are not a miracle food

There is considerable research showing that nuts, with their high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, … Read more

Oregon health insurers propose rates for 2019

Most would go up, but PacificSource wants to cut premiums

New rate filings from Oregon health plans suggest the individual insurance market is stabilizing, but … Read more

Childhood trauma can lead to long-lasting health problems

Resilience may be the answer to recovering from youth stresses

Elizabeth Fitzgerald still refers to the area where she grew up in the early … Read more

High deductibles slow patients from getting treatment

Study finds that women with breast cancer delay care when faced with insurance barriers

When Pam Leonard felt a lump in her breast last November, she hesitated, debating whether … Read more

Downhill mountain bike trails increasing in Central Oregon

Downhill freestyle trails are flourishing to accommodate a growing desire to live on the edge

Mountain biking in Central Oregon and across the nation has progressed over the last several … Read more

Urinary tract infections often misdiagnosed

Sexually transmitted diseases routinely missed

Every day in the emergency room at St. Charles Bend, someone is diagnosed with a … Read more

All runners can benefit from an app

Four running apps reviewed

Runners aren’t demanding creatures, though a few things are important, arch support and dry socks … Read more

OSU marketing professor working on anti-tanning messaging

Despite warnings, young people still sunbathe

Amy Watson placed a mason jar filled with colored liquid on the counter. “This is … Read more

Low-intensity workouts have plenty of benefits

Sometimes it seems that all I hear about is the magic of high intensity interval … Read more

Study: Teens are consuming too many sports drinks

The campaign by public health advocates against sugar-sweetened sodas may have had an unintended consequence: … Read more

Is there a benefit to drinking alkaline water?

Q: Are there benefits of drinking alkaline water, or is what I’m reading just a … Read more

Married people less likely to die from melanoma

Married people are more likely than the unmarried to get timely diagnosis and treatment for … Read more

Survey reveals Americans feel more anxious than last year

Feeling more anxious these days? You’ve got plenty of company. A new survey from the … Read more

Ski resort workers at higher risk for skin cancer

Deschutes County has highest rate in state

Working outdoors at higher elevations, ski resort workers have a much higher risk of skin … Read more

Portland scientist’s work hits close to home

Balancing the missions of science and motherhood, Soo-Kyung Lee aims her research at her daughter’s disorder

PORTLAND — By the time her mother received the doctor’s email, Yuna Lee was already … Read more

Survey gives insight into antidepressant withdrawal

In an article on antidepressant withdrawal published online April 7, The New York Times invited … Read more

Decoding your baby’s DNA: Should it be done?

Experts are worried about consequences of commercialization of life-saving test

LOS ANGELES — Maverick Coltrin entered the world a seemingly healthy 8-pound boy. But within … Read more

Older adults are left out of health studies, drug trials

Dr. Ken Covinsky, a geriatrician and researcher, was in his office at the San Francisco … Read more

Can you miss the signs of heart disease or heart attack?

Q. What are symptoms of heart disease? Can you tell if you have heart disease … Read more

Overdose antidote in short supply

Advocates push for great use of lifesaving naloxone

Reversing an opioid overdose with the medication naloxone is one of the more dramatic experiences … Read more

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