Alcohol may prime brain for addiction

Rats’ brains were reshaped in ways that made them likely to become cocaine addicts in study

The idea of a “gateway drug” may sound like a throwback to the “Just say … Read more

Do prepackaged salad greens lose their nutrients?

Q: Do prepackaged salad greens lose their nutrients? A: “Anyone who’s eating greens instead of … Read more

Woman loses arms, legs and baby during pregnancy

‘I have no fear’: Sepsis changes the lives of a Florida family

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. — When Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker returned to church for the first time since … Read more

Even short delay lowers success of melanoma treatment

Death rates rise the longer patients wait for surgery

A new study suggests that delaying treatment of skin cancer by even a month could … Read more

Why do I twitch before falling asleep?

Hypnic jerks are a normal but unexplained reaction

Q: Why do my muscles suddenly jerk just as I’m falling asleep? Scientists call this … Read more

At home genetic tests of limited use

Consumers often misinterpret, overvalue their results

The advent of at-home genetic testing offers people a tantalizing power: the ability to look … Read more

Half of us now have high blood pressure

ANAHEIM, Calif. — New guidelines lower the threshold for high blood pressure, adding 30 million … Read more

Planning for an aging population

Letting people live and thrive in their own communities, advocates say, is crucial: ‘If you have an elderly neighbor, do something nice for them’

Stephen Smith started smoking in the ninth grade of Catholic school, when buying cigarettes required … Read more

Many leave emergency room before being seen

More patients are visiting St. Charles Bend’s emergency room. Some of them are leaving before being seen.Who’s not getting care — and why?

When patients check into the emergency department but leave without being seen — often after … Read more

Medications can affect your oral health

Learn to avoid drug-caused cavities or gum disease

Many prescription and over-the-counter drugs can have a negative impact on your oral health. However, … Read more

Catching on to curling

The ‘intense’ Winter Olympic sport finds a foothold in Central Oregon

For a sport about which many people seem to be clueless regarding the rules and … Read more

Creating hospital food with special care

Chefs at St. Charles Prineville are working hard to fight the perception of hospital food

Half a dozen cooks bustled around Combs Flat Kitchen at St. Charles Prineville, preparing the … Read more

Ride smart, ride appy

Cycling apps have become as indispensable as spandex

The old adage about a tree falling in the woods without a sound may have … Read more

Program helps disabled get back on the road

Being disabled doesn’t mean you have to stay put — outfit your ride with these devices to keep on cruising

Throughout America, the ability to drive is often fundamental to maintaining self-sufficiency and independence. In … Read more

Snapshot: Northwest Chair at Mt. Bachelor

Read more

Proven treatment for opioid addiction underused

Stigma creates barriers to broader use of medications

Jaymes was out of second chances. He had peed dirty twice and his parole officer … Read more

Docs push flu shots for adults 65 and older

This year’s flu season could be severe

With some indications that this year’s flu season could hit older adults particularly hard, doctors … Read more

To mend a birth defect, surgeons operate on the fetus

HOUSTON — The patient, still inside his mother’s womb, came into focus on flat screens … Read more

Drugs for alcoholism go largely unused

Excessive alcohol use is one of the most pressing public health issues in the United … Read more

Alarming rise in oral HPV cases in men

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. The news earlier this month that 1 in 9 men — … Read more

Black licorice could land you in the hospital, FDA warns

Black licorice looks innocent enough. But eat enough of those sticks or candies, and you … Read more

Safeguarding the blood supply

Q: I have given blood for 25 years, but just recently, I received a letter … Read more

Doctors struggle to get patients to take their medications

Whenever I talk to physicians about outcomes that are worse than you’d expect, they are … Read more

Is there a way to screen for lung cancer?

Q: Is there a way to screen for lung cancer? A: Lung cancer has historically … Read more

Fiber helps reduce risks for colon cancer survivors

Colorectal cancer survivors may be able to reduce their risk of death by eating more … Read more

Women live longer after cataract surgery

Older women who get cataract surgery may have a lower risk of early death, according … Read more

How can one organ donor save eight lives?

Q: How is it that an organ donation can save as many as eight lives? … Read more

Health people on the move

• Sanaz Askari and Shawn DeGroot have joined the St. Charles Health System board of … Read more

Extra protein may be too much of a good thing

If there’s one claim that’s almost certain to boost sales of a food these days, … Read more

Panel endorses new shingles shot

NEW YORK — A federal panel recommended Wednesday that older people already vaccinated for shingles … Read more

Patients may not get info about breast cancer treatments

Many do not know a shorter course of treatment is available

When Annie Dennison was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, she readily followed advice from … Read more

Brain scans may help in measuring suicide risk

A brain’s reaction to words like ‘carefree’ can give clues about suicidal thought patterns

When a person’s distress, depression or discouragement appears to have taken a sharp turn for … Read more

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