Study: Alcohol abuse among older Americans is a growing problem

In the summer, Henry Wrenn-Meleck likes to sit on the stoop of his building on … Read more

Migraines may give off early warning signs — pay attention

If you’ve never had a migraine, I have two things to say to you: 1) … Read more

Experts say sedentary days may add up to early death

Too much time spent in a chair could shorten our lives, even if we exercise, … Read more

Is diet soda really that bad for you? Maybe not

Just how bad is diet soda for you? It may be more complicated than you … Read more

Heads up: The hottest way to treat lice catches on

MINNEAPOLIS — It was the first day of school, and Mallory, a Twin Cities teacher, … Read more

Upcoming flu season projected to be particularly widespread

Companies and pharmacies are already reminding people that it’s time to get a flu shot, … Read more

A Central Oregon paramedic minus the ambulance

Seeing patients at home may improve care, save money

Bob Oakden is effectively housebound most days. He might be able to walk up the … Read more

A short bike ride puts cyclist on long road to recovery

Patients recover differently from traumatic brain injuries

On the day that would change his life forever, Ryan Brown went on his regular … Read more

Is beer a good recovery drink?

Q: How good (or how bad) is beer as a post-exercise recovery drink? It depends, … Read more

Study explores impact of insurance for kids with cancer

Insurance status may affect survival of kids diagnosed with cancer, according to a new study … Read more

Scientists find how cancer kills the ability to fight back

Malignant tumors thrive in part by suppressing the immune system. Scientists now report discovering one … Read more

Alternatives to drugs for treating pain

Many years ago I was plagued with debilitating headaches associated with a number of seemingly … Read more

New gene-therapy treatments will carry whopping price tags

The first gene therapy treatment in the United States was approved recently by the Food … Read more

Cycling to work means better health and a longer life

A British medical journal published a study this spring that seemed to confirm what dedicated … Read more

Cut in ads won’t affect Oregon

State funds its own outreach efforts

The Trump administration’s massive cutback on advertising and outreach for the upcoming health insurance enrollment … Read more

‘Benzo’ conference slated for Bend

September drug conference aimed at docs prescribing Xanax, other ‘benzo’ drugs

It’s been more than six years since Marjorie Carmen last took the medication that had … Read more

Guns account for higher rural suicide rate

Higher suicide rates in rural areas are almost entirely explained by a greater use of … Read more

Can you get the nasal spray flu vaccine this year?

Q: Will my child be able to get the FluMist nasal spray this fall? The … Read more

Small steps: Really basic ways to add exercise to your day

There are many reasons that people avoid exercise. Time is an obvious one. Our lives … Read more

Puzzles of addiction remain unsolved, but neuroscience aims to fix that

Today’s war on drugs isn’t fought by first ladies or celebrity advocates. Armed with MRI … Read more

Former nurse puzzled by her own medical mystery

In an awful way, it all made perfect sense, Gail Wells remembers thinking as neurologist … Read more

Painkiller use benches male workers

The Princeton economist Alan Krueger started with a question: What’s keeping young people out of … Read more

Urbanites fill their homes, hearts with plants

On Sunday mornings, Hilton Carter’s girlfriend makes herself scarce from their one-bedroom apartment in an … Read more

Is coffee bad for your bones?

Q: Does coffee drain calcium from your body and contribute to osteoporosis? A: Drinking a … Read more

‘Meds-to-beds’ programs aim to prevent re-hospitalization

As Larry Greer neared the end of a week-long stay at the Washington Hospital Center, … Read more

Deschutes County third in vaccine refusal

State law not deterring exemptions

When Colleen Quinn’s doctor diagnosed her with whooping cough in 2014, he told the mother … Read more

New Oregon law will mandate abortion coverage

Abortions decreasing statewide, nationally

When it comes to health care, Oregon is all about firsts. Last month, though, it … Read more

Higher income adults tend to be weekend warriors

People with higher incomes are more likely to meet the guidelines for physical activity over … Read more

What are the risks of anesthesia for infant brains?

What are the risks of anesthesia for infant brains? … Read more

Family histories rewritten with a drop of saliva

Gaining popularity, DNA tests provide surprising, and sometimes tricky to interpret, results

Bob Hutchinson’s mother told him and his siblings almost nothing about her family, no matter … Read more

For people on disability, going back to work is not simple

For many receiving government assistance, breaking the cycle is much more difficult than it seems — and not for lack of trying

ROANOKE, Ala. — She wanted her clients to look to her for inspiration, so Teresa … Read more

Fewer antibiotic prescriptions are being filled, a new analysis finds

The use of antibiotics among Americans with commercial health insurance has decreased during the past … Read more

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