The Center launches outpatient hip and knee replacements


Oregon saving big from Medicaid expansion

Oregon provides more information about doctors than other states


Bend surgeon says carbs are as addictive as drugs


It’s not yoga: Class aims to boost mobility

Free clinics expanding mission to help insured patients with high expenses

Gyms ditch mirrors to reduce self-criticism, improve workout

Keep it, scrap it or cook it: What to do with old food

Health officials try to shed light on high diabetes risk among Asian-Americans

Loneliness can literally hurt your heart, scientists say

Veterans group to host town hall May 9


County investigating possible norovirus cases

Tumalo teen recovers after crash, coma

Outsider suspects pre-diabetes plays role in Alzheimer’s

LifeWise leaving Oregon market in 2017

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Exercise important in cancer survivorship


Patients relying more on health apps, but reliability is an issue

Athletes often lack proper protection

Doctor forms company for cheaper arrhythmia treatment

Hospitals eye community health workers to cultivate the success of patients

Untreated scoliosis may continue to progress

Central Oregon Zika tests turn up negative

Nursing board revokes Bend nurse’s license

Update: Zika virus

Testing backlog leaves many anxious

Health plan pays for med help

Lyme disease becoming more common

Syphilis making a comeback in Oregon

Health People on the Move

’Game of Thrones’ trainer has exercise advice, but no spoilers

When Medicare Advantage drops doctors, members can switch plans

Kaiser to use data bank to find cures for disease


When it comes to health, do kits deliver the goods?


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