Medicaid and Oregon budget

Federal funds could shrink Oregon budget deficit

Insurers passing more drug costs to consumers in ‘17

Study: Rural patients get less trauma care

Opioid epidemic outpacing treatment

Health people on the move

Medicaid patients struggle with dental access

Health people on the move

Students’ backpacks may be causing more strain than you think


Coke and Pepsi give millions to public health, then lobby against it

Movement trains bystanders to help in shootings, emergencies

Don’t pass over these paler foods

Medical tech investor betting on wireless pacemaker

Your phone may be smart, but your doctor still knows more than an app

Don’t let stress derail your weight goals

Manage heartburn pain with home remedies

Experts advise minimizing multiple births through IVF


New study questions breast screenings

The 9 Blue Zone principles for longevity

Prineville on path to becoming a Blue Zone City


Whether wild or farmed, blueberries are packed with nutrional benefits


A popular new treatment for an old case of lice

When pretend play is real for Alzheimer’s patients

Don’t expect Fitbits to improve health, help drop pounds

Japanese scientist wins Nobel for cell recycling study

Med-tech pioneer is chasing down a man-made blood vessel

Men get osteoporosis, too

Crowdsourcing effort aims at deadliest breast cancers


Could caffeine help prevent dementia?

New Prineville, Madras hospital leader knows rural health care

Health people on the move

Health Dispatches

When a spouse dies, resilience can be uneven


It’s in the water: The debate over fluoridation lives on


5 reasons to add yoga to your fitness routine

Walking as medicine? It helped high-risk seniors to stay mobile

Scribes track examinations thousands of miles away


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