Hospital report shows success in some areas

Central Oregon CCO improved on most fronts in 2015

Health People on the Move


High-tech tools give runners new life


Coffee is no longer thought to cause cancer, but overheating it might


Families feel pinch as cost of diabetes treatment rises

Online tools show the limits of data in health care

Medical hoaxes target emotions to glean attention

Male anorexia often goes undiagnosed

New camp in Oregon helps kids with epilepsy connect


Medicaid group to spend profit on health programs

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Why red wine gives you a headache

A study offers upbeat news about depression

Medicare patients rejected for transplants?

Being transgender as a fact of nature

Beat the bloat (aka food baby)

Philly set to pass soda tax today

Modernizing medical records

Doctors tune out constant electronic health alerts

St. Charles Madras and Prineville CEO departs for Idaho


Speech therapists expand tongue work

Medical error reporting still low in Oregon


Yoga brings flexibility, stress relief to police


House calls are helping Medicare save money

Factors beyond coverage limit access to mental health care

Seattle doc’s research is ‘game-changer’ for rare cancer

Hospital pushes trail runs to help boost community’s fitness

Keep off unwanted weight

Rapid mood changes are normal part of life for many teens

Lawsuit: St. Charles fired surgeon due to mental impairment


Oregon hospitals agree to provide cost estimates


Parkinson’s patients find relief through surgery

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Lasik surgery falling out of favor with patients


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