Brown working to secure federal Medicaid funds

Bend PT’s app gives runners personalized advice

St. Charles

Nurses file complaint over St. Charles flu policy

St. Charles Bend building new parking lot


Consider sports for exercise

Needle-exchange programs remain underused

Health Dispatches

Health People on the Move

Nation’s health care tab ticked up in 2015

4 things depression symptom checklists don’t let you know

A possible cause for cold hands

Students lead outdoor exercise in low-income areas

Drug price hikes put sex beyond reach for some people

St. Charles CEO left in ‘14, made $1 million in ‘15

Helpline aids in pediatric psychiatry doctor shortage

Hospital smoking bans yield fewer fires

Medicaid to cover contraceptives right after delivery

For a life of longevity, consider picking up a tennis racket

What you shouldn’t say to a cancer patient

Pro athletes, others try PRP, stem cell injections for joint pain

29 years later, I meet the man I watched get heart transplant

Drug epidemic stalls HIV decline in whites who share needles

St. Charles

St. Charles closing Bend women’s clinic

Portland urologists want to keep Bend clinic

In December, it’s flu vax or mask at St. Charles

Concerns remain over inappropriate use of broad-spectrum antibiotics

OSU-Cascades senior creates simulation for St. Charles ER


Unconventional workouts keep you moving all winter

Health People on the Move

For a healthy diet, be choosy about your cheese

Use home remedies to deal with nosebleeds

Zika-caused birth defect may show up months later

Medicaid population expected to decline


Pros and cons of tilapia

Insurer rules deny some naturopaths for primary care

Want a full-body workout? Try a rowing machine


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