A few fitness tips for working out in the winter

Frigid winter temperatures may make you want to skip your workout and curl up in … Read more

A perfect storm for broken bones: untreated osteoporosis

A perfect storm threatens to derail the progress that has been made in protecting the … Read more

Scientists tackle joint injuries that can trigger arthritis

WASHINGTON — Researchers are hunting for a way to stave off the damage of injury-induced … Read more

An amino acid found in many foods may affect cancer

Asparagine may help breast cancer spread to other organs, study says

Asparagine, an amino acid found in asparagus and many other foods, was shown to aid … Read more

Pain near artificial hip should be evaluated without delay

Q Six years ago, at age 67, I had my right hip replaced. I’d been … Read more

Omega-3 supplements don’t protect against heart disease

Supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids, the oils abundant in fatty fish, are ineffective for the … Read more

FDA clears U.S. medical isotopes supply

Domestic production could end delays in nuclear medicine scans

For decades, U.S. health providers have relied on a fragile international supply of the medical … Read more

Babies born during famine have more health problems

Researchers may have found the genetic switches that affected those born during the Dutch Hunger Winter

In September 1944, trains in the Netherlands ground to a halt. Dutch railway workers were … Read more

Daily glass of wine may clean the brain, researchers say

Drinking a couple glasses of wine a day helps keep your brain spick-and-span. So say … Read more

Scientists find DNA that fuels spread of superbugs hiding in hospital pipes

The pipes carrying away the effluvia of very sick people are bound to be nasty, … Read more

Insulin quality doubts have experts scrambling

Limited research sparks major study to confirm findings

TRENTON, N.J. — Preliminary research suggesting that some diabetes patients may be injecting medicine that … Read more

The importance of bacteria at birth

Many studies have strongly suggested that the trillions of microorganisms that inhabit the human body … Read more

Do hangovers get worse as we age?

Q It seems as if my hangovers are much worse now that I am older, … Read more

Long-term risks from having a cesarean

While a cesarean delivery is sometimes necessary and can be lifesaving, it may have serious … Read more

More teens identify as trans

CHICAGO — Far more U.S. teens than previously thought are transgender or identify themselves using … Read more

St. Charles takes $3 million hit on drug costs

Safety net discount program under scrutiny for abuse

Efforts to rein in abuse of a drug discount program for hospitals that serve a … Read more

Doctor offers dementia-specific advanced directive

Patients can specify how much care they want at each state of the disease

When Ann Vandervelde visited her primary care doctor in August, he had something new to … Read more

The verdict is in: standing desks help you lose weight

Are standing desks really doing us any good? Our sedentary lifestyles were killing us, so … Read more

How our bones might help keep our weight in check

Our skeletons may help to keep our weight under control, according to a fascinating new … Read more

Couples can travel the hard road back from infidelity together

Marriages fall apart for many different reasons, but one of the most common and most … Read more

Study seeks to treat shackled mental heath patients

Despite improvement after getting Western medicine, patients in Ghana remained chained

People with severe mental disorders endure abuse around the world, caged, warehoused in institutions and … Read more

Is obesity contagious?

Q: Is obesity contagious? Researchers studied 1,519 military families who were assigned to 38 military … Read more

Reproductive factors linked to heart problems

Early menarche, early menopause and miscarriage were among the factors associated with an increased risk … Read more

Report: Oregon’s health care transformation is working

Study finds Oregon Health Plan model saves money, improves care

Oregon’s approach to reforming the Oregon Health Plan is largely working as intended, slowing the … Read more

At age 66, running 7 races, 7 days, 7 continents

When Robert Owens’ father was 75, he gave his son some advice. “He said, ‘You … Read more

Apps help people get answers about sexual health

We’re taught to feel shame around our sexuality from a young age, as our bodies … Read more

Man tried to hold sneeze, ended up in hospital

Sneezing is an astoundingly powerful human action, blasting mucus and air from the nose and … Read more

Tracking the flu with ‘smart thermometers’

A company making “smart thermometers” that upload body temperatures to its website claims to be … Read more

Antacids linked to asthma in offspring

Using antacids during pregnancy is linked to asthma in offspring, a systematic review of research … Read more

Does a bone marrow transplant change your DNA?

Well, sort of, but probably not in the way you are imagining. Still, such transplants … Read more

New findings could save lives of stroke patients

Many more stroke patients than previously thought can be saved from disability or death if … Read more

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