AppleCat — an electronic musician out of Victoria, Canada — sounds slightly exasperated when trying to explain her sound on Facebook.

“Getting so tired of genre, and all (its) complications and arguments, (its) rules and … fluctuation,” she writes. “I play bass music, consistently bassy. It’s not skrilly, or overly annoying. It’s bass music and I love it. Listen at your leisure.”

On the other hand, when you land at AppleCat’s profile, you are immediately confronted with a drawing of a cat wearing glasses and a mustache with the words “WUB WUB WUB” descending onto its head.

“WUB WUB WUB” is the unmistakable sound of dubstep, with its stuttering rhythm and wicked, wobbly bass. And while it would be inaccurate to say AppleCat’s music is straightforward dubstep, it would not be wrong to say she works from a dubstep base, mixing in glitch-hop, global fusion and even classical music.

She’ll bring that diverse sound to Dojo in Bend on Saturday night, where she’ll try to peel the paint off the walls with the help of support acts DJ Byrne, Ilko and Lashawn.

AppleCat, with DJ Byrne, Ilko and Lashawn; 10 p.m. Saturday; free; Dojo, 852 N.W. Brooks St., Bend;