For some reason, I thought there was some famous ska song with the lyric “Let’s all go to the ska show!”

So I Googled that phrase and didn’t find much, although now I wonder if maybe my brain was just singing “Let’s all go to the ska show!” to the tune of “Let’s all go to the lobby!” from the animated, pre-feature advertisement often seen in movie theaters. You know, the one with the dancing popcorn box and soda cup?

Mmm … popcorn and soda.

Wait, what? Oh yeah: ska! Saturday night brings a return visit to Bend by The Melodramatics, a Redding, Calif.-based quartet that makes classic good-times reggae-meets-rock, aka ska, and has been for more than a dozen years. These cats keep their sound pretty light and fun, a la Less Than Jake or Reel Big Fish. There’s no pretense of deep-thought dub or smokey spiritualism here. This is the soundtrack to a party on the beach or at the dorm or wherever else carefree people party.

And if it’s a ska show in Bend, Oregon, who do you think is opening? That’s right: Local ska band Necktie Killer, plus local pop-punkers No Cash Value. Let’s all go to the ska show!

The Melodramatics, with Necktie Killer and No Cash Value; 8 p.m. Saturday; $8; Domino Room, 51 N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend;