At one point earlier in the winter, reggae-pop faves Mad Caddies were scheduled to play a show this spring in Bend.

Various circumstances caused that booking to crumble — to be clear, there is no Caddies show on the calendar for Bend — but tonight’s band at Dojo should be a really nice, able substitute for folks who love a brassy abutment of pop-rock and ska and/or reggae.

They’re called Fayuca, they’re from Phoenix and their new album “Barrio Sideshow” begins with the punchy crunch of pop-punk before a vibrant horn section pipes in and lets you know this is not your standard three-chord rock song. Ten seconds in, frontman Gabo begins singing in Spanish, and then halfway through the song, Fayuca hits the brakes and slinks into a sort of Latin-dub breakdown.

And that’s just “Por Que Seguir,” the first song on Fayuca’s most recent record. They have three other albums, each packed with punchy, poppy Latin-reggae-rock, including plenty of songs sung in English.

Tonight, they’ll bring all that to Bend. Give ‘em a listen at, especially if you’re a fan of the Caddies … or Slightly Stoopid or Sublime. And I know you’re out there.

Fayuca ; 10 tonight; free; Dojo, 852 N.W. Brooks St., Bend; .

— Ben Salmon