Jim Witty

”Oregon and Washington are filled with beautiful, little-used campgrounds that are perfect jump-off points for adventures, representing hundreds of outstanding destinations,” writes best-selling guidebook author Tom Stienstra.

That's the basis of his newly revised ”Foghorn Outdoors Pacific Northwest Camping.”

The 824-page volume is aimed at long-term RV campers, backcountry hikers and car campers looking to create a quick weekend adventure.

Stienstra has included descriptions of more than 1,300 campgrounds with in-depth information on facilities and fees as well 96 maps and driving directions. He's also added myriad tips on fishing, camping equipment, food and cooking gear, clothing, hiking accessories, first aid and insect protection.

Chapters cover the Olympic Peninsula and coastal Washington; Seattle and the San Juan Islands; the Northern Cascades; Northeastern Washington; Mount Rainier and the Columbia River Gorge; Southeastern Washington; the Oregon coast; Portland and the Willamette Valley; the Columbia River Gorge and Mount Hood; Northeastern Oregon; the Southern Cascades and Southeastern Oregon.

Stienstra has been a full-time outdoors writer for 25 years, spending an average of 200 days afield each year camping, hiking, fishing and boating. He's a two-time winner of the National Outdoor Writer of the Year Award.

Published by Avalon Travel Publishing, the book retails for $21.95.

Contact: www.foghorn.com or 510-595-4228.