Too soon? No, too late

Is it too soon to act? No, it’s too late.

At least for all of the victims who have been injured or killed by gun violence in the absence of adequate, enforceable gun laws. The Bulletin editorial titled, “Don’t jump to conclusions or legislation,” suggests we resist the “impulse to rush into action in the wake of a tragedy like the one in Newtown, Conn.” Specifically, the editorial states we wait “until authorities and the public have a much more clear understanding of what actually occurred during Friday’s tragedy.” However, this misses the point. Any legislation introduced now should not be tailored in response to this singular event, but in response to the thousands of victims of gun violence throughout the United States each year, including other mass killings. Having said that, we already know enough about the Newtown tragedy to make some conclusions. The visceral response to this tragedy should be embraced, as it may be a catalyst for overdue change. Voice your opinions and call for action now. Please don’t wait until it’s too late again.

Staci Plumleigh


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