Act now on gun control

So this time it was an elementary school in Connecticut. Where will it be next time? Will it be Juniper Elementary, Cascade Middle School or Redmond High School? Where, when? It will happen again and again until you and I demand an end to this senseless violence in our society.

So what can we do to make a difference? First of all, we can let our elected officials know that our vote demands they take a stand on sensible gun control legislation, now! We must let those same legislators know we won’t accept budget cuts to those social services that are designed to be supportive to those in need in times of personal crisis, now!

We can let our merchants know we won’t attend those events that feature senseless violence, or purchase those products that encourage violence. We must let those few producers of TV/cable programs that refrain from senseless violence, and take a responsible position against it, know we support them. We must educate our children that there may be others in their group that are troubled and need their support, and that one act of kindness could change a life. Finally, we adults must show by example in our homes, that violence is not an acceptable solution to any problem.

We can make a difference, and we must seize upon this terrible tragedy to salvage something positive out of it.

John Godlove


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