The highly anticipated upcoming holiday meal can, for some people, pack up to 4,000 calories — about twice what most people need in an entire day. However, some serious calorie burning can help you to enjoy the indulgences.

To undo a 250-calorie serving of mashed potatoes you’ll need to hop on a treadmill for an hour of power walking. (A 150-pound person walking for one hour at 4 mph would burn about 272 calories.) Tilt the treadmill uphill at a 5 percent incline and you’ll double the calorie burn.

Here are other suggestions of winter activities that can help burn holiday meal calories (based on 30 minutes of activity for a 150-pound person):

Snowshoeing: 300 calories

Skating moderately: 230 calories

Cross-country skiing: 300 calories

Downhill skiing: 210 calories

Snowboarding: 250 calories

Walking the dog, moderate pace: 125 calories

Shoveling snow: 230 calories

Source: Fit Tips by Life Fitness, exercise equipment manufacturer.

— Anne Aurand, The Bulletin