Fair tax is a better tax

Maralyn Thoma’s letter, “Stop campaigning and start governing” (Dec. 7), ended with a plea for “throwing out the insane 73,000-page IRS tax code and going for a flat tax.” The Fair Tax Act does exactly that!

The Fair Tax Act legislation has already been written in the form of HR25 and S13. It is 131 pages long. It is simple (easily understood), fair (everyone pays the same rate), visible (can see exact amount of tax paid to government on a daily basis), neutral (revenue needed to sustain government and collection system does not interfere with economic choices of individuals, businesses, and corporations), efficient (minimizes administrative details for government and compliance details for taxpayer, maximizes cost effectiveness for government and taxpayer), stable (reduces need for frequent changes allowing government, individuals and businesses to plan ahead), and fosters economic growth (free from obstructions and penalties that deter capital investment in domestic businesses, which deter job growth and potential for greater wages; free from anything that deters any individual’s desire to work, save and invest).

The current IRS code fails to meet all of these criteria. The Fair Tax eliminates income taxes, payroll taxes, corporate taxes, capital gains taxes and estate and gift taxes. It replaces them with a single national sales tax on new products and all services. It meets all of the above criteria. Go to www.fairtax.org and click on “Enter Site” for more details.

Pat Burkett


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