Clinton for Bend mayor

For Bend’s next mayor, we are fortunate to have Jim Clinton and Jody Barram as friendly rivals.

First, a little recent history: On Nov. 6, Bend voters rejected well-funded attempts from special interests to maintain the status quo on the City Council. In none of the three contested council races did candidates backed by big developers and Realtors get a majority.

Either Jim or Jody would be eminently qualified to lead Bend into this new era of city governance that the voters have chosen.

Together, they have added a grace note of vision to City Council proceedings. As mayor, either would imbue Bend with the brilliance it requires to emerge as a regional influence on the national scene. (Bend is the largest city in Congressional District 2.)

Both have shown a willingness to tackle issues that connect Bend with the larger world, such as big money in politics and the testing of drones in Central Oregon.

Both advocate transparency and realize that a need exists to encourage wide-ranging citizen participation in city government.

It’s a tossup, but I believe Jim has the edge: As a tireless advocate for city taxpayers and ratepayers, he has often been the lone dissenting vote. How often do we see that kind of independence and courage in modern politics?

In his Nov. 6 race, Jim Clinton again demonstrated his knack for attracting large numbers of voters from across the political map, winning in every one of Bend’s 20 precincts.

Mayor Jim Clinton: the people’s choice.

Foster Fell


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