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Sunriver Pine Squirrel Minnow

“If you're casting and retrieving it like a streamer, they are going to hit the head. If you are swinging it, they will probably take it tail first. That's why there are two hooks in this fly.”

Bob Gaviglio says the keys to the Sunriver Pine Squirrel Minnow's success lie in the Gel-Spun backing that reinforces the squirrel strip tail, and that stinger hook, of course.

Gaviglio recommends this pattern in its natural color for bass, white for brown trout, green to imitate minnows in spring and fall, and black for big trout in still waters.

This is a two-vise fly. The tail, tied in at the head, is made from three pieces of pine squirrel fur glued to 50-pound Gel-Spun backing tied to a small bait hook. Red dumbbell eyes are tied to the bottom side of the hook and the body is made from root beer sparkle chenille.

— Gary Lewis

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