Deschutes County

Sheila M. Fitzgerald and John C. Menefee to Howard W. Pifer III and Ellen M. Macke, Ridge at Broken Top Replat, Lot 5R, $960,000

William D. Welch and Jennifer C. Lewis-Welch to Donna and Rex Harris, Skyline Ridge, Lot 21, Block 5, $175,500

Max Mills to Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon, Township 15, Range 13, Sections 28 and 29, Lots 5 and 6, $1,200,000

Brandon J. Kearney and Jodi M. Kearney aka Jodi M. Fisher to William L. Wiprud, Timber Ridge, Lots 1 and 2, Block 5, $165,600

Pacwest II LLC to John R. and Victoria D. Gasiorowski and Shiela K. Roach, Madison Park, Lot 9, $189,947

Dawn A. Snyder to Gerald J. and Lloydene L. Jansen, Shadow Glen Estates, Phase 2, Lot 6, $230,000

Hal L. and Bonnie D. Callantine to Michael and Sara Kaderlik, Boons Borough 2, Lot 7, Block 4, $327,000

Debbie Roe trustee for Harry Family Revocable Trust to Thomas A. and Laura C. Poole trustees for Thomas A. and Laura C. Poole Revocable Trust, Harry Ranch Estates, Lot 8, $156,000

Walter J. Reuber, Michael R. and Cynthia R. King, Corinne Clarke and Bruce and Jaynee Beck to Steven S. and April J. White, Otter Run, Lot 22, $389,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Kelly and Bonnie M. Herrington, McKenzie Rim Estates, Lot 13, $213,765

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Brian J. Lash, Canyon Rim Village, Phase 4, Lot 87, $320,000

PNC Bank N.A. successor by merger to National City Bank successor by merger to Commonwealth United Mortgage Co. a division of National City Bank of Indiana to Federal National Mortgage Association, Shadow Glen Estates, Phase 1, Lot 2, $253,240.27

Bank of New York Mellon fka Bank of New York to Iris E. Mayer, Deschutes River Woods, Lot 48, $172,200

William D. and Susan F. Johnson to Marilyn A. Hinckley, Mountain View Park, Phase 1, Lot 28, $155,000

Stephen B. Kirby and Lucida L. Siebenthall to Carlton L. Densmore trustee for Carlton L. Densmore Revocable Trust, Copperstone, Phase 1, Lot 4, $300,000

Georgeann T. Kirk to Jason Herzog, Nottingham Square, Lots 4 and 5, Block 4, $154,000

Norman E. and Kathryn V. Eade to Kathleen K. and Thomas W. Riopelle, Tanglewood, Phase 7, Lot 13, $281,000

Greg A. Wheatfill to Karen A. Welsh, Aspen Rim No. 2, Lot 174, $265,000

City of Redmond to Redmond Fire and Rescue, Sothmans Addition to Redmond, Lots 43-45, $1,411,693.39

J & K Partners LLC aka J & K Holdings LLC to John F. Perry III, Firehall Condominiums, units 402 and P1, $339,100

Larry A. and Jill Bell to Mark W. Munger, Ridge at Eagle Crest 57, Lot 196, $173,000

Northwest Trustee Services Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association, Sun Dance, Phase 1, Lot 4, Block 1, $207,930.77

William T. and Gail A. Anderson trustees for Anderson Family Trust to Scott D. and Julie A. Thomas, Pines at Pilot Butte, Phases 1 and 2, Lot 13, $189,500

Stephen C. Jaqua to Belfry Events LLC, Sisters, Lots 1-4, Block 4, $410,000

Robert W. and Ellen I. Barnett to Jerrylee C. and Kathleen J. Parenteau, Westerly Subdivision, Lot 11, $263,400

Salvesen Homes LLC to John A. and Marie K. Sabol, NorthWest Crossing, Phase 16, Lot 721, $384,900

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Margaret B. Wodehouse, Fawnview, Lot 9, Block 1, $411,390

Ann D. Morrow personal representative for the estate of Lorraine V. Ries to Kip W. and Sarah Lohr, Boulevard Addition to Bend, Lots 8 and 9, Block 1, $315,000

Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Katrina Kirby, Elkhorn Ridge, Phases 3 and 4, Lot 65, $209,000

Donald A. Mahin affiant and heir and Jeffrey M. and Colin P. Mahin heirs for the estate of Robert Alton Mahin to Gregory J. and Sharon Small, Starwood, Lot 12, Block 2, $164,000

Fidelity National Title Insurance Company to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Township 17, Range 13, Section 31,$527,000

Partners H LLC to Jordan Schell and Jonathan Diefendorf, Paulina Peaks, Phase 2, Lot 42, $185,000

Harry F. and Linda L. Barnett to Gregory W. Thorpe, Eagle Ridge, Lot 12, Block 3, $305,000

Janet C. Stevens trustee for the Janet C. Stevens Revocable Trust to Rick A. Kobbe, Ellis, Lots 6 and 7, Block 1, $304,000

Jack R. and Donna B. Mills to Jeffrey A. Hudspeth, Oregon Water Wonderland Unit 2, Lot 10, Block 23, $215,000

Ryan A. and Sarah M. Sperring to David A. and Leah B. Naftalin, Partition Plat 1993-48, Parcel 1, $359,000

Ronald F. and Deanne L. Deady to Clark W. and Nancy A. Simon, Mountain High, Lots 3 and 4, Block 2, $389,000

Somerset Development LLC to Gary and Michael Schwartz, South Briar, Lot 32, $178,953

Donnel V. and Vickie L. Borne to Steven Hauser, Fifth Addition to West Hills, Lots 6 and 7, Block 7, $415,000

BEF Properties LLC who acquired title as BEF Properties LLP to Staffenson Resources LLC, Ellingers Addition, Lots 9 and 10, Block 9, $225,000

Bruce R. and Rebecca J. Kelleran to Edward T. Costa Sr. and Debra M. Costa, Forest Park II, Lot 6, Block 14, $265,000

Columbia State Bank to Andre and Susanne S. Dibiagio, Mountain River Estates, Lot 4, $220,000

Wight Development LLC to Dennis and Lisa Wolf, Altufta, Lot 5, $224,500

Columbia State Bank to Kalm Properties LLC, Township 17, Range 12, Section 9, $350,000

Michael B. and Anita F. Ploghoft to Ronald T. and Ginnia L. Brown trustees for the Ronald T. Brown and Ginnia Lee Brown Revocable Living Trust, Ridge at Eagle Crest, Lot 10, $218,000

Judy Jorgensen to Vincent F. and Kathryn E. Scalesse, Fairway Point Village 1, Lot 7, Block 4, $310,000

Carlos N. and Laurie A. Garcia trustees for the 1995 Carlos N. Garcia and Laurie A. Garcia Revocable Trust to Donald F. Meyer Jr. and Laurie Meyer, Indian Ford Meadows, Lot 8, Block 5, $445,000

Kirk L. and Susan M. Boettcher to Fred J. and Janet B. Baxter, Bridge Creek Village at Broken Top, Lot 36, $326,100

Darren L. and Tammie C. Reeves to Albert T. and Susan E. Hanson, Crest Ridge Estates, Lot 12, Block 3, $300,000

Michael and Marcy Kroll to Timothy D. and Tracey D. Pope, Sun Mountain Ranches, First Addition, Lot 3, Block 1, $343,000

Louis G. and Eleanor J. Pelletier to Michael D. and Jennifer A. Mishler, Poplar Park, Lot 21, $310,000