Bike helmets are critical

I harangued my daughter forever to get her to wear a bike helmet. I knew I had to do something severe to get her attention. I was able to have her visit a patient with a severe head injury in the ICU at our local hospital. This patient was on an inflatable bed, she wore diapers, she had a catheter and tubes, she was on a ventilator — but most ghastly of all was the “bolt” in her head to measure brain pressure. This looked like a giant syringe stabbing straight into the top of her head.

Children and parents must ride with helmets. I met a woman once whose husband suffered a severe head injury in a bicycle accident. He could not work, had severe personality disturbances and couldn’t take care of himself. She confided to me that it would have been better for him to have died as he wasn’t “him” any longer, just a shell. He had been riding without a helmet with his boys, who were both wearing helmets at the time of the accident.

We have to go to any lengths for the safety of our children. We have to lead by example; we have to talk about dying or having a disability; we have to restrict bicycle usage if they won’t strap that helmet on. We have to make sure they understand how much we love and care for them and that we will to go to any lengths to get the point across.

Ali Cockerill


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