Stop campaigning and start governing

How can President Barack Obama have the nerve to demand more taxes on “the rich” without offering one penny in spending cuts? This is a vindictive man who has decided to make the Republicans eat it and like it, to paraphrase his words. There must be trillions of dollars that could be cut, starting with eliminating many of the duplicated departments in the federal government, not to mention the trillions that are spent in waste and fraud. Now we’re getting TV commercials paid for by unions that say Republican “obstructionism” threatens Social Security and Medicare. Obama, you won! You can stop campaigning now and try to figure out how to govern. As a side note, I am a single retiree on a pension, but with my home and my pension money, I am considered “rich” by Obama. I’m already paying my fair share. How about asking the whole country to pay a fair share by throwing out the insane 73,000 page IRS tax code and going for a flat tax? That’s the only way it’ll ever be “fair.”

Maralyn Thoma


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