Where’s the truth on Benghazi?

Maybe some of your readers can assist me in determining why our president, vice president, secretary of state, secretary of defense, CIA director, Chairman JCS, FBI director, U.N. ambassador, head of the National Security Council and others — including both houses of Congress — are unable or unwilling to determine precisely what occurred prior to, during and after a seven-hour armed attack on our Consulate at Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012.

So many questions and so few answers nearly 21⁄2 months after the fact. This must be one of the greatest whodunnits of modern times, ranking right up there with the “Fast and Furious” caper.

Now I ask this question: Could the simple answer to why we still have no truthful and conclusive information regarding the Benghazi attack lie in the fact that the entire bunch of aforementioned government “leaders” are such accomplished political liars, cheats, and cover-up artists that they can’t even get their collective lies and deceptions together on the same page at the same time?

Really, what’s so difficult about informing the public of the facts, if all those concerned would speak the truth about their involvement/noninvolvement in this unfortunate, and possibly unnecessary incident? What has happened to the moral fiber of our civilian and military leaders, that the truth is not granted, and those so greatly affected do not demand it?

Lt. Cmdr. Donald E. Weisgerber

U.S. Navy, retired


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