Comments offensive, inappropriate

I would like to respond to Carol Orr’s opinion piece published Nov. 14, titled “Republic reaches point of no return.” In it she labels those of us who voted for President Obama as “ignorant and irresponsible” and choosing “fiscal destruction over fiscal sanity ... secularism over faith, dependence over personal responsibility.”

She opines that a new country emerged after the election, “run by secular progressives who openly reject our Constitution.” Wow. In her words, having voted for Obama, we are defined by mediocrity, godlessness, dependence, cowardice and, thanks to Democrats, our republic is finished. Enough.

Her comments are offensive and inappropriate, and I do not intend to counter those claims as they are indefensible. Ad hominem attacks are not worthy of debate. However, what I don’t understand is what she was trying to accomplish with this attack. There isn’t one scintilla of useful information that furthers the public discourse. Her comments and apparent attitude will quickly render her irrelevant, and that irrelevance is a shame because a vibrant democracy requires a strong Republican party.

Finally and sadly, Orr asks us if we have no honor for those American soldiers who have died to preserve our freedom. She intimates that, by voting for Obama, we dishonor their blood and treasure. That is an unforgivable sentiment. I ask The Bulletin if you think you could have found a better use for your editorial space. That answer may define your relevance as well.

Tom Hage


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