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Editor’s note: The following editorials from Oct. 9, 1963, and Jan. 28, 1967, respectively, do not necessarily reflect the views of The Bulletin’s editorial board today.

Include expense money, too

An interesting sidelight to the current tax increase debate concerns activities of the “Committee for Reasonable Legislative Salaries.”

The name of the group gives it away. Obviously the committee want to slice legislative salaries. And, the committee will probably be successful, unless the legislators beat them to the draw.

This assumption is based on the belief that Oregon voters will defeat the tax referendum Oct. 15 and force the Legislature back into session. If that happens, one can lay odds that there will be several legislators anxious to get their names on a bill reducing salaries ...

Legislators gave themselves $250 per month or $6,000 each per biennium. This is what the committee wants to cut. There is another area where some slicing might be more appropriate and that is in tax-free legislative expense.

Each legislator now gets $2,400 per biennium in tax-free expense money. This was aimed at defraying living costs during legislative sessions in Salem. But with one session each biennium, this comes to roughly $600 per month. It shouldn’t cost that much to live in Salem, not even for the most spendthrift of legislators. This expense money should be included if any group seeks to reduce legislative income.

Drivers not infallible

An auto/pedestrian accident last week brings to mind the overall pedestrian situation in Bend. As snowy, icy weather increases the problems of car control, so the daring of some local pedestrians seems to increase.

Many rush out into the street, looking neither to the right or to the left. Some will step in front of a car almost on top of them, confident they have the right of way because they are in a crosswalk. Others dart out from behind parked cars, seeming to come from nowhere.

Bend pedestrians show great faith. They entrust their lives to the quick reflexes of the individual driver ...

To date, most of Bend’s more foolhardy pedestrians have been lucky. Their “hit-me-if-you-dare” attitude has made drivers aware of the many human hazards downtown . Consequently, most Bend drivers are fairly good “risks” for the daring pedestrians. However, a person who consistently takes chances when crossing streets may very well find someday his luck has run out.

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