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Both of these picture book biographies are great for kids age 5 and older.

“Bon Appetit! The Delicious Life of Julia Child,” by Jessie Hartland

How did a small town girl from Pasadena, Calif., do so much? A beautiful picture book biography portrays the story of Julia Child’s life from her early years until her cooking success. What was the one dish her mother cooked? Learn bits and pieces through comic and journal format. See her travels, where she met her husband and when she moved to France! Bonjour! The comic book feel creates a unique way to enjoy key moments in her life, including her family, friends and her accomplishments.

For example, she creates an amazing meal when her sister, Dorothy, visits her in Paris. Step by step, words and bright, colorful drawings prepare a feast. Voila! Hartland invites the reader to taste the ingredients of Julia Child’s life. A creative and unique style you won’t want to miss.

“Dr. Seuss,” by Charlotte Guillain

This book is part of the Heinemann Read and Learn series/Author Biographies series.

Did you know Dr. Seuss’ best-known book is “Cat in the Hat?” Guillain introduces Dr. Seuss through large, meaningful photos and a question for each page. For early elementary readers, this picture book biography uncovers the amazing life of Theodore Seuss Geisel. Peek into his life, see one of his sculptures and his imagination at work. As a frame of reference, a basic, but essential time line is located in the back of the book. Do you have a favorite Dr. Seuss book? Visit your local library and meet all of his characters. You can also explore his official website at www.seuss .

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