There is no mandate

A number of recent letters have advocated the idea that President Obama’s re-election implies that a mandate exists and those of us who voted otherwise are obligated to “cooperate” or “get over our denial.”

This is wishful thinking because there is no mandate. Almost half (49.3 percent) of voters did not cast a ballot for Obama. We are under no obligation to cave in and compromise our values and principles. I suggest those who think differently bone up on civics and the Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers wisely created checks and balances to keep a lid on the power of the executive branch. Republicans control the House of Representatives and will have a say in what happens next. Conservatives have a responsibility to blunt Obama’s socialist policies, class-warfare rhetoric, and the reckless deficit spending that is bankrupting America both morally and financially. Conservatives have a duty to oppose a man who foolishly continues to blame Bush and refuses to accept responsibility for his own dismal economic record.

I agree cooperation is important to solve America’s problems in a constructive way whenever possible. But everyone needs to remember that liberals did not concede their core values during Republican administrations and so we should not be expected to abandon our core values now. A dictator was not elected. Just a president, as our Founding Fathers planned.

Greg Franklin


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