— John Costa / The Bulletin

You should know we are working on very interesting enhancements to The Bulletin, most of which should be in place by the end of the year.

We believe they will make for a much-improved newspaper, even as we square the expense and revenue sides of the ledger in an economy that can be charitably described as weak.

As we reported earlier, the local news depth and breadth of The Bulletin will not be altered. That's our stock-in-trade.

But here are a couple of the changes we are developing.

The Bulletin produces an enormous amount of published material each week about outdoors recreation, as it should.

It is a critical subject area, tied inseparably to quality of life, which may be the main reason many of us live here.

A drawback of our coverage, however, is that it is scattered over multiple sections. Whether it is hunting or fishing, skiing or hiking, cycling or boating, it can appear in Sports, Community Life, Local or the A section.

Suffice it to say, that is just how it developed as we added elements to the coverage over the years.

Our plan is to consolidate much of this coverage into a single weekly Outdoors section, to be published on Wednesdays. It is a far more efficient and effective presentation for legions of readers who enjoy this information.

Another area of refocused coverage centers on the aging boomer generation.

It's no secret to anyone that since World War II, there has been a demographic bulge called the baby boomer generation working its way through our society. The U.S. Census Bureau places the births of its members between 1946 and 1964.

That means the leading edge of this group is now in its mid-60s, bringing its own sets of interests and concerns by the bushel load.

There is no reason to believe that this group, which has altered our social landscape profoundly over the last six-plus decades, won't continue to do so as it confronts retirement or work, health care, housing, recreation and a variety of other activities.

Before the end of the year, we will start publishing a section that focuses on this group and its interests.

We are also aiming at an updated approach to national and foreign news.

On the assumption that avid consumers of these stories have already seen the reports on television or elsewhere, we have played them as smaller stories inside the A section and displayed other stories on A1.

Given the world of news today, it has been both a rational and successful approach.

Fundamentally, we are sticking with it.

But we are developing a page that is a one-stop briefing of the news of the day, which consolidates all the intermediate length stories we run now and allows us to focus our remaining pages on analysis, perspective and graphics on the most important developments.

We have other enhancements on the development table, which we'll describe soon.

Don't get me wrong. This is a tough time and we have to make reductions to accommodate it, but we want to make sure that we still evolve with the needs of our readership.

Finally, for all the folks who have written about the reduction to our Saturday TV magazine: Please bear with us.

We are working on ways to add the features most of you have written about — Best Bets, TV Insider, the cover story — to our daily newspaper.

We greatly appreciate your passion and concern for The Bulletin, and we wish all of our readers a happy and safe Thanksgiving.