Alternative to gas tax is a bad idea

The state of Oregon is going down the wrong road when it comes to ideas of taxing drivers based on personal GPS tracking, or monthly and annual odometer checks. That’s just way too personally invasive, and equally bad, it would require an entirely new government bureaucracy for administering and collecting our money. And we all know how efficient any government bureaucracy is. And oddly, all the worry our bureaucrats have concerning reduced gas tax revenue due to less driving and more efficient vehicles, is not justified. The Portland Mercury fact checked and showed that, thanks to the 25 percent hike in gas tax last year, from $.24 to $.30 per gallon, tax revenues have actually increased. They showed that from 2010 to 2011, gas tax revenue increased 14 percent, and it’s increased every year since 2009. So where is the decreased revenue? I guess they just want more, or as the politicians like to disguise it, the increases are not enough. But if they must have more of our money, just raise the tax per gallon by a couple more cents, the collection system is all in place. But that probably wouldn’t grow government enough for them. Also worth noting, Oregon already imposes the 17th highest gas tax in the nation. Invading our privacy by imposing GPS tracking on everyone is an insult. And it would also be a very expensive and very messy program. I suggest the concept should be used to line the bottom of their wastebaskets.

Lance Neibauer


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