More of the same

So now what?

It was supposed to be a squeaker, but in the end it was an Electoral College landslide. The U.S. Senate shifted slightly bluer, but the House of Representatives stayed in Republican control. Essentially, after a bitter, divisive and ridiculously expensive campaign (much of it fueled by now-secret donors) we are back to where we started.

Despite progressive state measures toward marijuana and gay marriage, it appears some red states are getting redder. Too, traditional Democratic coalitions are growing and spreading. Older, white men were strong in their support, but they are losing a demographic shift as the country moves toward even more diversity.

There was a sad commentary in The Bulletin’s series of county precincts where a resident suggested that no one in his or her right mind should vote for the president. Certainly the Democratic Party doesn’t have a lock on low-information voters; in fact demographic polling of the electorate suggests otherwise. But the comment is indicative of the divide and frustration many feel.

So now we get to see the result of this continued split. Will the Republicans in the House heed Colin Powell’s advice that they compromise and work toward the common good of the country? Based on House Speaker John Boehner’s comments on election night suggesting they still had a mandate to continue their “my way or the highway” position, I suspect we are in for more of the same, and that is a shame.

Jim Roberts


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