Why the delay?

It is disheartening to read the reasoning why the call-in time for the Pole Creek Fire was misreported when the real question to be answered was why there was a four-hour delay from the call-in time to the time that the initial attack occurred?

The refusal of the dispatch center’s assistant manager to answer this question is not indicative of good Forest Service public relations policy.

The people of Deschutes County and the city of Sisters deserve to know why a quicker response time from the U.S. Forest Service did not occur.

This could have possibly prevented a 27,000-acre fire that put the city of Sisters at risk, and cost $17 million to fight and precious natural resources in Deschutes County.

As a former USFS smokejumper, I am concerned about this critical four-hour lapse of time in the initial attack phase of the fire.

Keith Cloudas


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