Bowing to change, but missing print media

I read and heard over the media that Newsweek will no longer publish its printed copy. Although I haven’t subscribed to the magazine in a few years, I occasionally buy a copy. I read so much about the difficulties news organizations are having with their printed subscriptions. As a senior, I’m very disappointed but understand their dilemma. We have to remember that published newspapers have been in print since the Boston Globe continuously published its first newspaper in 1704.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed holding either a book or newspaper in my hand while it’s read. I realize that progressive technology has slowly, but more recently, trended towards electronic versions of published ink print. This will continue to be the case as we go forward. I love to read novels; have a Kindle reading tablet, but have yet to use it. There’s something missing from the experience of not reading paper print. I guess it shows my age, and sentiment as time passes.

Terry Brown


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