Vote for Romney: It’s common sense

With the economy struggling, soaring deficit, nervous stock market, high unemployment and uncertain tax policy, it seems to me that investing in someone like Mitt Romney would be a common-sense choice, especially with his considerable knowledge in business.

What this country needs at this point in time is more jobs and a growing economy. We have all heard about the deficits our schools, police and fire are experiencing with our PERS problem. We see and hear how retirement savings accounts are only producing minimal results.

Why not cast your vote for someone who would move this economy, the stock market and investments in a direction that might actually help PERS and individual portfolios, and help stop many of the cuts we face today? Why not give this man a chance to prove himself again?

We all have a lot to lose if we have to face another four years of slow growth and more dismal performance. Will another four years of the same change how investments in this country grow or reduce gas prices? Probably not! Vote with your pocketbook. Vote Romney.

Alex Skarbek


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