Support business owners

I grew up in a small farming community. Every business in town was owned and operated by local residents, including all the surrounding farms. The service stations, bank, telephone and electric substations were the only exceptions.

Later, my wife and I lived in a rural farming community with a population of 10,000. There were several locally owned grocery stores and numerous owner-operated bakeries, butchers, fruit and vegetable shops, and convenience stores in the downtown business area as well as scattered throughout the community. Upon the arrival of two chain supermarkets, the majority of these locally owned businesses closed their doors; the few remaining struggled to survive.

I suggest that local business owners ask themselves this question: What happens when a big-box store arrives in a small town? Locally owned businesses suffer.

Unfortunately, local business owners have been convinced that they have more in common with multi-millionaire and billionaire corporate executives than they have in common with their employees and local customers. The truth is that your employees and customers are your best friends, those who support your businesses by purchasing the goods and/or services you provide. In reality, local-owned businesses have very little in common, economically or politically, with America’s gigantic corporations. They are more than happy to push you aside whenever it suits their bottom line.

I personally respect and admire local business owners, encouraging their efforts in growing and expanding their businesses against the overwhelming odds of the corporate juggernauts.

Dick Phay


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