Seek local, natural foods

So, it seems as if our local dietitians support additives (food dyes, MSG, hormones, BPA from packaging, etc.).

Julie Hood Gonsalves, a dietitian in Bend, said, “In fact, the additives themselves are likely not harmful, but a diet with a lot of additives points to a diet high in processed foods. That is the problem.” Gonsalves continues to say that our FDA ensures that our foods are safe, that things like nitrates are “naturally occurring” and that nitrites added to meats are safe. She does not differentiate that nitrates added to our industrialized meats are not naturally occurring. Gonsalves continues to talk about other additives that are known allergens, such as MSG. She states that the use of MSG can flavor food and help eliminate the use of salt.

As a practicing nutritional therapeutic practitioner, I see chronic illness, inflammatory diseases and a growing number of digestive dysfunction and food allergies that can be completely alleviated by purchasing local and naturally sourced foods and organic grass-fed meats.

Eliminating foods with additives, dyes, artificial sweeteners, GMO grains and hormones can help improve the health of our chronically ill population. With our demands for getting healthier, the large industrial food suppliers will comply.

When we see our National Dietitians Association and their lead sponsors (such as Kellogg’s, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola) discussing calorie cutting and the elimination of all fats to improve the health of our country, we have to wonder whose side these dietitians are on.

Gina Jacobson Bailey


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