Michael McGinnis

Once again someone is calling Obama a socialist. It insults me every time I hear it. You see, I am a socialist, and Obama isn’t even close. In fact he is every bit as much a capitalist as is Romney. Allow me to give you an idea of what I would be attempting if I, as a socialist, were in the White House. But first, let me give you a disclaimer. As with any political system, there are different forms of socialism. There are some socialists who would feel my plans would go too far; others would think that they don’t go far enough.

Let me begin by saying that I believe that government-run organizations are neither more nor less efficiently run than private organizations, so I don’t have a problem with allowing the government to run things. Since, in fact, “We the People” are the government, if we pay attention to reality and not the hype, these government organizations could be run far better than private ones.

Here are some of the things I would do as a socialist president:

I would make education free from cradle to grave. Science has shown that the mind does not mature until we are in our 20s. Most of us know someone who skated through high school believing that they really didn’t need to work harder only to find, in maturity, that they should have. Give these people a chance to go back and take the courses that would help them. Open schools at night so that those who work can get classes. If someone is showing promise in a field, allow them to pursue that to the highest level they can. In the long run it would be best for our nation.

I would have health care for all. In this country, most of the talk about health care is actually talk about insurance. Yes, paying for the system is important, but our talking about it should start with the health of the people. We know what it means to be healthy and our health care system should represent that notion. We should have a national single-payer health system that is based first on prevention, then on care. No one should make a profit off the miseries of others.

I would nationalize all the oil, natural gas and coal industries. The resources they are taking from the ground belong to all of us. As is, the carbon industries are getting those resources for a pittance, then making a huge profit off them as well as getting government subsidies. By nationalizing these industries I would also be able to begin cutting back on their use, thus helping to slow down and eventually reverse the global warming that is going to destroy our planet. (Because those in power of those industries are capitalists, they don’t care about anything except profit. If global warming is a side effect, so be it.)

As for reversing global warming, I would use monies from those carbon industries to give incentives and monetary aid to states, counties, cities and individuals who would like to build their own wind farms or solar panel farms. I realize that the amount of money would eventually start to fall as we lower the use of those carbon industries, but by then we won’t need as much.

One of the greatest fears of our Founding Fathers was that of a large standing army. I know that the world is a much more dangerous place than it was then, but there is no need to spend more on defense than the next 16 countries combined. I would cut our military by at least half and bring all military home.

There are more things that I would do, but space here is limited. Hopefully, you see why I, as a socialist, am insulted whenever you call Obama one.