Nancy Kirkland

I am not making the same mistake I made in 2008. I have had enough of the “hope and change” candidate, Barack Obama. I don’t have any more hope that he can turn the economy around, and I have had enough of his changes. I suspect that others reading this have also had enough.

President Obama refuses to acknowledge that we are at war, through no fault of our own, worldwide, with an extremist movement that wants Americans dead. I don’t want war any more than you do, but it exists. These are difficult times, but extremists don’t want peace. He simply is not commander-in-chief material. Unfortunately, we are “stuck” with extremists.

He has apologized to many countries for our free speech, our Christian heritage, and just about anything else that defines our great country. His record on the economy is as bad as his record on immigration reform. I especially don’t like being lied to about his latest debacle, the Benghazi, Libya, embassy situation. Where does the buck stop, anyway?

Of Obama’s staggering 506 campaign promises, he has kept 122, or 24 percent. The Dream Act, a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, died in the Democrat-controlled Senate. He deplored former lobbyists serving in the White House, promised it would end, and it didn’t. No president can keep all of his promises, but 506?

Can you remember the number of failed loan guarantees to alternative energy companies who then went bankrupt? I can’t — too many. Research and development belongs in the private sector, not in the bloated bureaucracy of the federal government.

Admit it. Obama has tried and failed. And now we have a candidate of substance who has a lifetime of experience in the real world of business.

In 2000, national debt was estimated at $6 trillion, in 2008 it stood at $10 trillion. In 2012, it was $16 trillion. We cannot keep borrowing and spending. How will it ever get reduced, let alone paid off? It currently works out to $100,000 per person.

Believe your eyes at the gas pump and the grocery store, my fellow citizens. Do we really want more of this? Did you know that the “Making Work Pay” tax credit ($800 in 2009 and 2010) has expired? Did you know that the payroll tax cut has not been extended? Bottom line, your taxes will go up in 2013 if he continues. This is the “middle class tax cut” he brags about — the so-called $3,600 per person figure. It’s gone.

Did you know that 19,000 of the 24,000 miles of “pipeline” this administration added was only for natural gas to existing homes and businesses? Where’s the increased gasoline production he speaks of? Let’s increase gas production, lower gasoline prices, lower debt, and then see what the private sector has done with alternative energy sources. In 2008, crude oil was $32 per barrel, now it tops $95 per barrel. We are all suffering at the pump with a 200 percent increase in gasoline prices in four years. I ask you, do gas prices go up or down in a recovering economy?

In 2008 there were 32 million on food stamps; now we have 47 million. The unemployment rate hasn’t lessened. The Keystone Pipeline was vetoed, remember? Why didn’t he jump at the chance for 100,000 or more permanent jobs? I, too, want our environment to be clean, but I also want jobs for Americans.

See a pattern you don’t like? Me, too.

We are about to vote in the most important election in our history. Think long and intelligently before you cast your vote. America, as we know it, may very soon be a memory.