Substandard effort

Liberal ideas on welfare and entitlements benefit not only the recipient but also the politician touting the program. The more people politicians can get receiving free handouts, the more likely they are to get re-elected. Quite a deal. But not for someone like me who is middle class, works and pays taxes.

Some entitled recipients have nicer phones, gadgets and clothes than I do. They can afford morning lattes or energy drinks while I have to save to just make it at the end of the month. Moreover, every time the state raises minimum wage, those making less than I do get closer to what I make while my dollar buys less. This happens even though I am an educated professional.

If our schools were to adopt the language of the Democratic Party, teachers would not hand out grades based on merit.

They would instead take the As and give some of the percentage to the Fs. Over time, this would diminish incentive and continually lower the average. In the real world, teachers actually reward excellence and punish poor performance with a grading system. It seems so obvious to me — liberal politicians want to punish economic success and reward substandard effort. This strategy might win votes, but it won’t improve our economy and it isn’t fair to those who work hard for their money. At what point will the few who are compelled to fund the many, stop doing so? How much longer can our economy keep giving to those who don’t produce?

Kent Wieber

La Pine

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