Facts hard to find when digging through rhetoric

Mike Welton /

I find it funny that Stan Stieben in his letter from Oct. 13 asks that each voter take the time and put forth the effort to look at the facts, and to not be swayed by biased media and rhetoric. It is interesting that Stieben forgot to put in facts in his views, while putting forth rhetoric and fear to get his biased views across.

I agree that this is an important election, as we need to re-establish a strong middle class and continue on the road to recovery from the economic collapse that the past administration left America saddled with.

We simply can’t afford another “trickle-down economics” disaster. The so called “job-creators” had eight years and led us into high unemployment, a housing collapse and financial crisis, while all the time lining the pockets of the rich with more profits off the backs of the middle class.

Stieben asks that you not be swayed by a biased media, yet directs you to watch a very biased movie. I could say that everyone should watch the movie “W” because it is an accurate movie on how bad our former president and vice president were; however, that movie was probably equally biased. Hopefully no educated person will cast his or her vote on the basis of a movie or what is voiced by the talking heads of Fox News or CNN.

I do agree very much with Stieben when he says that the people of America entrusted the presidency to an inexperienced person who lacks both the judgment and experience to lead this country. However, that was George W. Bush, not Barack Obama, and the people of America voted him in twice. You saw where that ended up; we don’t want to return to that.

Stieben, again borrowing from the biased media that he wants us to not listen to, says that he believes that the Obamas are Leninists. Where are the facts that back this up? Again, just fear and rhetoric. In the same vein, he says that Obama is constantly bypassing Congress — again the pot calling the kettle black. Bush and Dick Cheney didn’t feel that they needed Congress, and just did what they pleased.

The leader of Israel has said that he wasn’t slighted by President Obama, why isn’t that good enough? Again Stieben appears to have been listening to the biased media by making his claim. Our relationship with Israel is strong, and in case you haven’t noticed, Israel is quite capable of taking care of itself.

Another area of Stieben’s view is that this is a Christian nation. This nation was born out of the need for religious freedom and to escape religious persecution. Religious freedom means just that — people are free to worship as they please. President Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim.

People of all faiths should feel free to worship in their own way. Also agnostics and atheists should not be punished or called terrorists or traitors for their beliefs. If Stieben is a true Christian, then he should be more tolerant.

Stieben says he believes that our country has never faced a more grave danger than that presented by President Obama if he is elected to a second term. I guess Stieben doesn’t remember Adolf Hitler, Pearl Harbor, the Cuban crisis, or the Great Depression.

Our economy can’t afford a return to the very policies that got us into trouble, spent a surplus built up under the guidance of former President Clinton, and got us into an unwarranted war with Iraq.

I do heartily agree with Stieben in that this is a very important election and that each voter needs to take the time to look honestly at the facts, if one can find them in all the rhetoric, before casting his or her vote.

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