Vote for Knute Buehler

Knute Buehler, Republican nominee for secretary of state, is a respected orthopedic surgeon who wants to devote his efforts to serving the people of Oregon by tackling tough issues. He could have continued his successful career in medicine but concluded that the people of Oregon need someone who understands the complexities and challenges of the job.

Buehler has been endorsed by the Independent Party and is not beholden to special interest groups. An independent and objective approach to the problems of Oregon is imperative for the secretary of state. Among the challenges facing the state are the looming fiscal crisis presented by the Public Employees Retirement System and the need to create conditions favorable to business development.

Buehler understands the challenge to state finances by an unsupportable PERS. He has promised to work with the Legislature to craft meaningful and effective reforms, such as reducing the guaranteed rate of return and eliminating conflict of interest in the Legislature and judiciary so that those who pass legislation or hear cases relating to PERS do not have a vested interest in the outcome.

A businessman, Buehler knows the importance of incentivizing new businesses with less onerous regulations and a business-friendly climate. He will work to enact legislation that improves conditions for Oregon businesses and incentivizes companies to locate in Oregon.

Election of Buehler will ensure that issues long neglected by the incumbent are addressed in a forthright and nonpartisan manner.

Paul deWitt


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