Deschutes County

Kerwin L. and Maureen S. Davis, Jeffrey J. and Donna M. Kestek and Timothy M. and Janice L. Rippey to Matthew T. Halferty, River Village 3, Lot 8, Block 16, $311,000

James T. and Cheryl M. Fischer to Stephen E. Lewis, Golf Course Condominium Section, Phase 2, Unit 87, $483,000

Richard S. and Merrily K. Graber to Robert R. and Diana M. Robertson, Broken Top, Phase 3D, Lot 370, $600,000

Pablo Pena-Gomez and Beatriz A. Pena to Betty L. Morris, Sterling Pointe, Phase 2, Lot 65, $216,000

Quality Loan Service Corporation of Washington to JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A., Canyon Point Estates, Phase 2, Lot 29, $184,640.31

Donald I. Fisher, trustee for Ivan C. Romanoff Trust, to Carol M. Hunt, Township 15, Range 12, Section 27, $295,000

James and Kimberly A. Kinney to Winnie Properties LLC, Shevlin Crest, Lot 34, $235,000

Clark G. and Sharron M. Pickar to Robert G. and Carolyn B. Norman, Canal Row, Lot 17, $197,500

Jack E. and Sandra S. Hoxie, trustees for Jack and Sandra Hoxie Living Trust, to Chad and Kristin Prosser, North C Acres, Lot 4, Block 1, $155,000

William L. Bryan, trustee for William Lester Bryan Living Trust, to Richard A. and Tammera S. Johnson, Champion Ridge, Phase 2, Lot 38, $599,000

Structure Development N.W. LLC to Patricia M. Gilbert, trustee for Gilbert Family Revocable Trust, NorthWest Crossing, Phase 16, Lot 728, $488,000

Renee L. Hammond to Gary E. and Barbara L. Elms, Summit Crest, Phase 1, Lot 69, $160,000

OSM Construction LLC to Douglas J. and Gayle H. DeHaan, Deschutes Pointe, Lot 3, $250,000

William K. and Elizabeth R. Seitz, trustees for Seitz Living Trust, to Timothy M. and Julia C. Baumgarte, J-D Ranch Estates, Lot 2, Block 3, $280,000

Carol R. Schunk to Allison L. Avery, East Knoll Section of Sunrise Village, Lot 3, Block 25, $415,000

Timothy L. and Pamela A. Williams to Chanda N. and Robert R. Villano, Valhalla Heights, Phase 1, Lot 8, Block 1, $315,000

Rick and Dawn L. Ellis to Robert D. Ashley, Skyliner Summit at Broken Top, Phase 10, Lot 205, $375,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Dustin R. and Shawnacy M. Woodworth, Aspen Rim, Lot 50, $189,560

Melvin L. McDougal to Gerald D. and Frances L. Faulkenberry, Stonegate P.U.D., Phase 1, Lot 42, $299,900

Earl J. Westrick to Gregory D. Jacobs, Fairway Point Village 3, Lot 6, Block 15, $420,000

Tennbrook Financing LLC to Stonebridge Homes NW LLC, Renaissance at Shevlin Park, Lots 11 and 53, $201,650

Susan H. and Donald E. Butts to Cody R. and Julie E. McCabe, Pinebrook, Phase 2, Lot 1, Block 5, $220,000

Perry M. and Sabine E. Atkinson, trustees for Atkinson Living Trust, to Edith A. Zukauskas, Brookside First Addition, Lot 15, Block 2, $192,000

Quality Loan Services Corporation of Washington to Federal National Mortgage Association, Selken, Lot 12, Block 1, $237,784.35

Quality Loan Services Corporation of Washington to Federal National Mortgage Association, Sunpointe, Phase 3, Lot 35, $176,221.39

Jeffery P. and Lucy L. Stack, trustees for Stack Family Trust, to Leon C. Handley Jr. and Susanne C. Handley, trustees for Leon C. Handley Jr. and Susanne C. Handley 1994 Trusts, Broken Top, Phase 2C, Lot 132, $850,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael P. Gibson, Township 15, Range 12, Section 36, $287,500

Pamela Alley aka Pamela Gaszynski to Wayne D. Lannen II and Kristina K. Lannen, Wyndemere, Phase 4, Lot 4, Block 6, $462,500

Robert C. Hollipeter, administrator of Freedom Foundation of Oregon, to Frank M. and Gwen H. Werner, trustees for the Werner Family Trust, Frank Werner, trustee for the Ingrid Werner Revocable Intervivos Trust, Stephen Laner, trustee for the Margaret Laner and Stephen Laner Revocable Trust, Courtenay Footman, Jennifer R. Bennett and Katrina B. Petrescu, Township 17, Range 12, Section 21, $2,200,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher F. and Christine L. Kuka, Township 16, Range 11, Section 25, $320,000

Kele Howell to Robert P. and Joyce M. Knowles, Township 14, Range 13, Section 32, $155,000

Steven W. and Dennel M. Beadnell to Mark S. and Mary J. Appel, Fairway Point Village 4, Lot 3, Block 17, $524,000

Keith W. Bell to Robert J. and Doris E. Hodge, Golf Course Estates at Aspen Lakes, Phase 1, Lot 15, $695,000

Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert N. and Garnet K. Wilson, Tetherow Crossing, Phase 7, Lot 17, Block 4, $209,900

Vergent LLC to Jessica Anderson, Second Addition to Bend Park, Lot 11, Block 156, $160,000

Bart S. Gernhart to James W. and Stephanie J. Holmes, Deschutes River Recreation Homesites Inc. Block 5, Lot 33, Block 23, $220,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Reid and Maria Simonton, Aspen Rim, Lot 53, $186,900

Kenneth R. and Laveta L. Day to B. Craig and Sally Matthis, First Addition River Forest Acres, Lot 3, Block 2, $475,000

Dan C. and Suzann M. Peterson to Jon W. Schulfer, Lake Park Estates, Lot 7, Block 16, $163,000

Robert E. and Margaret A. Brookover, trustee for Robert E. and Margaret A. Brookover Revocable Trust, to Randy A. Huber and Shirley Y. Shaw, Forest Hills, Phase 2, Lot 25, $329,000

Aaron and Rebecca Borror to Jack F. Vollstedt, Township 14, Range 12, Sections 20 and 21, $2,000,000

Jerry Burger to John C. and Leslie A. Scheppegrell, Riverside, Lot 7, Block 18, $275,000

Recontrust Company N.A. to Bank of America N.A. successor by merger to BAC Home Loans Servicing LP fka Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP, Greens at Redmond, Phases 4 and 5, Lot 38, $379,103.87

Eugene S. and Margaret V. Lapin to Patrick W. Bellini, Bluffs at River Bend, Phases 3 and 4, Lot 10, $510,000

Morris C. Stiffler to Kenneth L. Hanna and Tracy A. Drouin, Township 17, Range 13, Section 33, $239,500

Mary A. Dawson. trustee for Mary Ann Dawson 2004 Family Trust, to Brandon E. and Erin M. Weis, Revised Plat of Meadow Village, Lot 6, Block 3, $195,500

Deschutes Property Investment LLC, which acquired title as Deschutes Landing Property Investment LLS, to Steven K. Lewis, Deschutes Landing, Lot 34, Township 18, Range 12, Section 5, $394,000

Ronald O. and Christine M. Nelson to Richard A. Holmes Jr. and Meghan M. Holmes, Township 15, Range 13, Section 19, $265,000

Ralph C. Tolli Jr. and Carol Tolli to Glynn A. Mills, Dobbin Acres, First Addition, Lot 4, Block 6, $300,000

Terrance M. and Brenda K. Shine to Gwen and Brian Janes, Township 14, Range 13, Section 14, $240,000

Stanton S. Sherwood aka Stanton S. Sherwood Jr. and Sandra J. Sherwood to Judith A. Frisco, Township 17, Range 12, Section 5, $299,900

R & R Ranches LLC to Mariah A. and Paul H. Beck, Deschutes River Woods, Lot 20, $245,000

William B. and Robin A. Baber to Tina L. and Lance P. Lyons, Awbrey Ridge, Phase 1, Lot 8, $289,000

Robert L. Teeters and Carolyn T. Colombo to William A. Battey III and Diane M. Battey, Buck Run, Third Addition, Lot 64, $389,000

Eric K. and Donna L. Birky to William R. and Candace C. Brower, Pinebrook Phase 2, Lot 5, Block 7, $224,000

Richard J. Nichols to Scott and Anne Thomas, Awbrey Meadows, Lot 2, $335,000

Sandra L. McKinley, trustee for Sandra L. McKinley Revocable Living Trust, to Arthur R. Leger, Township 18, Range 12, Section 12, $565,000