The Bulletin editorial staff is at it again — trying their best to discredit conservation groups. The editorial titled “Wind project challenge lacking in logic, reason” incoherently attempts to paint ONDA and Portland Audubon as illogical and unreasonable. If the editors were more respectful of local citizens trying their best to protect the environment, they might be able to retain a little more clarity on the issue.

Here are the facts:

1. The corporation in charge of the wind energy project, Columbia Energy Partners, is in deep financial trouble.

2. CEP has lost its agreement with Southern California Edison to sell the power it might generate.

3. CEP has given up its transmission line connection to transfer power.

4. CEP is no longer able to abide by the terms of its agreement with the Bureau of Land Management.

5. If BLM does not withdraw its permit, it will spend untold thousands of taxpayer dollars to defend a decision that is no longer viable.

There are a lot of good reasons to oppose the industrial scale Echanis wind energy project proposed on top of the iconic Steens Mountain, including the need to protect wildlife, quiet recreation and traditional values. What is so illogical about asking BLM to admit the jig is up, stop wasting taxpayers’ money and revoke its useless permit? Our tax dollars can be better spent supporting projects that will result in actual clean energy.

Craig Miller