Gov. John Kitzhaber needs to end daylight saving time, which is actually daylight shifting time because no actual daylight is saved. He has the idea that getting medical providers to charge patients according to results achieved is a reasonable solution to the medical issues plaguing Oregonians. How is that getting people to take personal responsibility for one’s own health? It is much easier to sleep when it’s dark outside. When daylight shifting begins and ends, it stays dark until almost 8 a.m. Parents sleep later; their kids sleep later. Morbid obesity increases. Childhood obesity increases. Longevity decreases.

There is a direct link between these situations. There is no mandate that every state must observe daylight shifting. As an emergency room doctor/surgeon, the problem with too much sleep must be very obvious to Kitzhaber. People may argue that Arizona, which does not observe daylight saving time, has a morbid obesity and childhood obesity problem, too. Is it easier to eliminate daylight saving time or to change the atmospheric conditions that cause Arizona to be so hot?

Brent D. Yonkovich