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Two new animal picture books provide beauty and joy for our younger readers.

“Oh! What a Surprise!” By Suzanne Bloom

Suzanne Bloom’s book, the fourth in the Goose-Bear series, will delight its young audience with simple text and Fox, a relatable star. When energetic Fox sees her friends quietly preparing gifts, she asks if the surprises are for her. She’s told they are not and is inspired to create a surprise of her own. The last line in the book, “Let’s do it again!” will encourage rereading of this book. It is wonderful for sharing with prereaders or for independent readers in kindergarten to second grade.

“One Gorilla” By Anthony Browne

“One Gorilla” is a beautifully illustrated counting book that shows a wide variety of primates, from the title gorilla to lemurs and gibbons. The stunning portraits convey each animal’s personality and charm through deft use of color and will provide children with endearing and compelling topics to count. The climax is a self-portrait of the author, Browne, in which he declares, “All primates. All one family. All my family.” This book is perfect for 3- to 7-year-olds, or anyone interested in the art in children’s books or as a scientific conversation starter.