The “In My View” article about multiple-lane roundabouts on March 22 overlooked a significant negative aspect of multiple lane roundabouts.

Using the inner lane forces the driver to make two lane changes while in the circular portion of the interchange. One of these changes occurs when entering the circular roadway and a repeat is required when exiting.

Trying to locate neighboring traffic is not a simple task when in a relatively tight turn. Fender-benders?

It must also be accepted that the volume of traffic will double while in the roundabout. A “conventional” intersection must handle traffic being fed into it from two streets. The roundabout is being continuously fed from four sources.

There is no question that the roundabout is the more aesthetic of the two intersections. The public needs to recognize they will be paying an ongoing price for this beauty, and perhaps multiple lanes is not the safer of the two configurations.

Max Clouse