Coming away from the movie, “Emperor,” I am reminded of the role the free enterprise system plays in the prosperity of human life. Contrast postwar Japan with postwar Eastern Europe. Following the defeat of Japan, the Russians (USSR) were not part of the postwar reconstruction, while in the European Communist block, Russia had complete control.

For whatever reason, that lesson has been lost! Today people are in the streets protesting the very thing that brings prosperity to the human social order, man’s free will, and an individual’s right to personal achievement! The liberal socialist left has given rise to the Bolshevik philosophy of economics and the restraint of human freedom. Just like the Communists, we practice class warfare, demonize success and cry fairness for the nonproductive. We vote for redistribution of wealth, subsidized lifestyle, social safety nets and entitlements for the masses.

The lesson is simple: postwar Japan or postwar Eastern Europe? “From each according to ability, to each according to need”?

Jim McCaffery