In response to Ethan Singer’s letter from March 10: I can assure you that your “armed fellow Central Oregonians” have no responsibility to make you “feel safer” in this community. That’s your responsibility. How you choose to manage your self-protection is just that — your choice. I respect your right to those choices as long as they fall within the laws of this community. If you wish to “feel safer,” perhaps you should consider a place where there are stricter firearm controls on law-abiding citizens. Chicago comes to mind.

The training required to own or carry a firearm within our community can be debated. I have no problem with that debate. However, even the most highly trained peace officer will tell you that no level of training guarantees a successful outcome. Training also indicates that there’s a very short list of individuals a private citizen is willing to risk his or her life to protect. Concerns about someone creating more “danger” for you by attempting to be a “savior” are not well placed.

As far as I can tell, this is still a fairly successful representative republic. It got that way due to ordinary citizens having individual rights spelled out and protected in our founding documents. I’m not sure what “armed fools” you speak of that want to bring about “Taliban-like armed mayhem to our streets.” I don’t know anyone who holds those views.

I respect your right to defend your person and property as you see fit within the law. If, goodness forbid, the occasion should arise where you choose to dial 911 and hope for the best, I wish you luck with that plan.

Chris Ditmore