In his March 20 letter, Andre Pinette sounds as if he would like to impose his idea of a reasonable speed upon everybody. If you are “overtaking vehicles in the right lane,” that does not give you the right to “set your cruise control” and stay in the left lane. Pinette states, “If you expect me to move over to the right because you are a careless and aggressive driver, forget it.” No, I expect you to move over to the right as a courteous driver and because the law states you must do so.

Instead of labeling everyone traveling faster than you as a “careless and aggressive driver,” take responsibility for yourself and do your best to blend with the flow of traffic, not impede it — even if that means merging into the slow lane to allow someone to pass. Maybe someone in my car is bleeding to death or I am trying to get to the hospital in time for the birth of my first child. For whatever reason, if I am traveling significantly faster than you are, it is your responsibility to yield and my responsibility to risk a speeding ticket. By being a rude driver and refusing to yield to faster traffic, you are increasing the risk to everyone around you. Be a courteous driver, follow the law and let the cops worry about the drivers you think are going too fast — then we won’t need legislation to remind drivers like you that the left lane is for passing.

Sarah Long