Big T’s hosts Alice in Chains tribute band

Alice in Chains’ breakthrough album “Dirt” was the first CD I ever bought.

The first of thousands purchased over many years.

Now it’s 2013 and I’ve ditched CDs, despite the dozen or so milk crates of them that fill a corner of my garage. Not because I do all my listening digitally — although all the CDs are stored on a hard drive in my living room — but because I got a record player for Christmas and joined the vinyl revival.

Meanwhile, have you noticed the wave of stories recently about the recent rebirth of cassette tapes? Sheesh.

Anyway, even as physical media has evolved, the popularity of Alice in Chains — one of the best of Seattle’s first wave of grunge bands — has endured. The local “independent” rock radio station plays them, and apparently there is a Eugene-based tribute band called Sickman, too.

Sickman, in fact, is coming over to Central Oregon on Saturday night to play Big T’s in Redmond, along with heavy local openers Open Defiance and Sons of Dirt. Should be a good time, especially if you’re of a certain age and this stuff was the soundtrack of your formative years, like a certain someone I know who is typing this right now.

Someone has uploaded all of “Dirt” to YouTube, by the way. Someone in the comments has compared the late Layne Staley to Elvis. FYI.

Seek it out and refamiliarize yourself. (I hope Sickman plays “Nutshell” from the “Jar of Flies” EP.)

Sickman, with Open Defiance and Sons of Dirt; 8 p.m. Saturday; $3; Big T’s, 413 S.W. Glacier Ave., Redmond; 541-504-3864.

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