Watch for changing conditions

Chris Sabo /

With spring break, increased use at low-elevation sno-parks will be in full effect.

Even with a few inches of snow in the forecast, lower to midelevation sno-parks will retain crusty conditions. With potential snowfall, backcountry users should prepare for changing conditions and avalanche assessments are recommended.

The higher elevations remain in fair to good condition, but snow depths have decreased with the warmer weather.


The soft and muddy trail season is still in effect with some dust developing. If users run into these conditions, they are urged to turn around to decrease trail damage. Users of access roads on Deschutes River sites need to be cautious of icy conditions. The Metolius River trails have springlike conditions with increased use expected.

Deschutes County employees have started plowing operations on Road 40 near Sunriver and Cascade Lakes Highway south of the Deschutes Bridge. Snowmobile users on trail No. 5 need to be cautious of the plowing.


Lower Three Creek and Six Mile sno-parks are done for the season. Skyliner Sno-park is in poor condition with an icy, crusty layer. The road up to Tumalo Falls has some bare ground. Virginia Meissner Sno-park and Wanoga Snoplay Area have icy and crusty conditions. Wanoga Snowmobile area is decent, with some bare spots.


At 10 a.m. Saturday, the Cascade Crest Ski Race will commence throughout the Mt. Bachelor trail system. The race will affect recreational use at Dutchman Flat Sno-park and Todd Lake.

Also on Saturday, the John Craig Memorial Nordic ski race and tour will take place near the McKenzie Pass Highway.


Crescent Lake/Junction: 10-16 inches

Dutchman Flat: 90-98 inches

Edison Butte: 12-20 inches

Skyliner: Patchy to 4 inches

Swampy Lakes: 36-42 inches

Ten Mile: Patchy to 10 inches

Upper Three Creek: Patchy to 12 inches

Virginia Meissner: 14-24 inches

Wanoga Snoplay Area: 20-36 inches

Wanoga Snowmobile: 18-30 inches

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