Traffic lane legislation is wrong

Proposed legislation to force traffic to the right lane and limit the use of the left lane on our highways is wrong.

If traffic in the right lane is proceeding at the posted speed (often 5 mph faster) and I am in the left lane overtaking vehicles in the right lane, then logically, I’m driving faster than the posted speed as well.

While I keep a safe distance from the car in front of me — especially the clusters of speeding cars tailgating each other at higher speeds playing pole position or something — you come up on my tail, flash your lights, get stupid and expect me to move to the right. You are tailgating!

First, I would have to slow down to insert my car into the right lane — an unnecessary risk — crossing rutted grooves and merging with traffic from all the poorly designed on-ramps — move back to the left and slow down because of police or emergency vehicles stopped on the shoulder and deal with genuine slowpokes.

I have heard that police tolerate 10 mph over posted speed but approaching 15 mph might get you pulled over. Faster than that, you’re asking for it.

If you expect me to move over to the right because you are a careless and aggressive driver, forget it. Set your cruise control for the flow of traffic, get off my tail and you’ll get there alive. Congesting traffic to the right lane will cause more lane changes and accidents.

Andre Pinette


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