Petroleum is in many products

In response to the March 11 story “Local group wishes to ban plastic bags”: Tyler Sanderson states that his top concern is that plastic bags are made from petroleum. Well, I would just like to point out the thousands of consumer products that use petroleum.

Now what? Do we start banning those as well? has a partial list of products made from petroleum (it only lists 144 out of 6,000 items). And I am not sure if those reusable cloth bags may have some of that stuff in them as well.

When refining petroleum, it gives out many other forms of residues that form the basis of various products. These products are very useful and most of them are imperative for the well-being of mankind. According to, “Petroleum, while giving energy to the entire world, helps produce thousands of related products as well. It is the base of the world’s economies.”

The argument might be made that we don’t need plastic bags. Indeed, they have not been around all that long. But if you take a look at the thousands of products on the “petro list,” there are many items that we don’t need there as well.

So who decides what stays and what gets banned? I vote for choice and agree with Bend Councilor Victor Chudowsky, who states he is not in favor of passing any kind of draconian ban.

Carol Orr


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