Problem with tire fee

I am responding to the person who said there should be a studded tire fee. It seems that people who give these arbitrary opinions don’t think them through. First, I would assume that a large percentage of the people, like myself, who use studded tires are seniors who want to feel safe when they are driving on icy roads and would find it difficult or impossible to put on chains every time the roads were icy.

Many of those same seniors are living on fixed incomes, so they would be hard-pressed to pay a fee in addition to the cost of studded tires. Also, many of those seniors probably don’t drive as much as the general public and are more inclined to drive the speed limit, thereby not doing as much damage to the roads as all the speeders out there. If we had more traffic police stopping all the speeders, we would have plenty of money for road repairs.

Darlene Ashley


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